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  1. Just checking in so that noone believes that I am dead in Thailand or whatever.

    I am just in a situation with very low doom interest atm, so I am focusing on other things like school and console RPGs. I won't be on irc or the forums for a while most likely.

    But I will be back.

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    2. sargebaldy


      I was just wondering where you ended up.

    3. SYS


      I'm checkin in
      (he's checking in)
      I'm checkin in
      (he's checking in)

      No more pills or alcohol,
      No more stinking fun at all,

      Throw it out!
      Your checking in!

      lol, reminded me of the Betty Ford musical song on the Simpsons

    4. Vile


      HF with school. I'm glad that you're giving it the proper attention, so keep at it. :)

      BTW, I sent about 1000 pngs worth of scythe2 bugs, not sure if you got those...


      I suppose you won't see that joke unless you've actually checked back on this thread, but don't worry. I haven't really found any new things to fix since the last batch (partly because I've stopped altogether for the moment).