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  1. Sir_Alien

    Doom Voxel Project

    Sure is. But since GZDoom can do real 3D floors, why would you go to that much effort and risk such a significant drop in frame rate?
  2. Sir_Alien

    ZDoom translucency

    I assume you're referring to this: TRANSLUCENT - actor is translucent. ADD - actor uses additive translucency. Default is NORMAL ALPHA value defines the opacity/intensity for render styles TRANSLUCENT and ADD. Range is [0.0, 1.0] Default is 1.0
  3. Sir_Alien

    I know who the first Vampire is!

    All valid and important questions.
  4. Sir_Alien

    Most Memorable Doom Experience

    After being away from the community for a good five years, coming back and playing Tei Tenga. "WTF?! How the fuck did they do that in Doom?!"
  5. Sir_Alien

    Cigarette prices in your country

    Roughly $10.00 a pack of 25 and $20 a pouch of tobacco, on average, in AUD.
  6. Sir_Alien

    Scripting Help for my new Zdoom based wad.

    Elevator commands move both the floor and ceiling, but are very limited in terms of their flexibility.
  7. Sir_Alien

    DOOM Sprite Comic! DOOMFOUNDED!

    I assume the punchline's in the next issue?
  8. Sir_Alien

    Congestion 1024 released!

    Yeah, that would've been awesome!
  9. Sir_Alien

    Reading this article causes dry heaves

    I hear abortion clinics are a great place to meet loose women.
  10. Sir_Alien

    Monster Elevators

    Couldn't you do it with self-referencing sectors?
  11. Sir_Alien

    New Zelda Trailer

    Seconded. That game had a charm and sense of fun that has been rapidly disappearing from Zelda games over the years. Now I will draw you into the Dark World... Muahahahahahaha!!!