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  1. CHAPTER I: Evil Awakens
    It started out as an innocuous looking upgrade to Verizon FiOS. It couldn't be all that bad right? Faster ethernet, and a free router, a straight through cable, and a free ! Now we can have a network in our house and all of the goodies that come with one. I was wrong. When I started to create the LAN, I already was having issues, because naturally windows doesn't mix well with bad technology. For too long have I tinkered and toddered(?) with Windows and the router, and to this day, full functionality has yet to bless my life. (Actiontec made a deal with Verizon where Actiontec makes cheap routerse for Verizon so Verizon can cheaply propegate their evil FIOS. Actiontec MI424WR they are. Cheap. Crap.) I got a wireless connection thingy too, but that was flawed too. EVERY DAY I HAD TO REINSTALL THE THING. I switched rooms to where the router is. I install the wireless adapter hardware on my drivers parents computer, or so I wished. Windows froze before it could finish. (Damned programs that wait 2 - 10 minutes before starting) I restarted the computer so I could try again. WRONG. Windows gets stuck in an infinite loop of restarts. Windows cannot start try again, Windows cannot start try again.... Ugh. Format and fresh install. Father bought another straight through and drilled a hole in the wall. (UGLY. GET A DANGED FACEPLATE![or whatever they are called])I get the yellow cable. Yay, if it had been PROPERLY TERMINATED!!!!!!!!!!!!! These damned FiOs technicians can't make a friggin proper ethernet cable. (Goes out for 10 minutes to calm down)
    Chapter two to come soon!

    1. exp(x)


      I wouldn't be caught dead with any router other than my Netscreen.

    2. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      It sounds like the problem is everything BUT verizon's FIOS system...

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