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  1. kevinrocs

    Mancubus head in the Megasphere???

    "FUN FACT" in alpha doom the bgh90000,<<<spelled right? you know, the most powerful gun! originally shot like a plasmagun but the shots were green,scattered,and lots more of them! theres a website that just talkes about the alpha's and beta's.
  2. kevinrocs

    uninteresting fact [Doom textures in Shadow Caster]

    it works fine to me :) too bad i can't edit strife maps and PLAYTEST them...grrr strife grrr dehacked dos program doesn't work with xp...grrrrr license agreements not to distribute id's iwads... ok i feel better
  3. kevinrocs

    WAD for Doomwars

    Sure, I'll do that right away.
  4. kevinrocs

    WAD for Doomwars

    I took a look at the work to be done and it is massive. I'll copy/paste my already-done work into a wad instead. I haven't seen anyone make wads and distribute them to servers for doomwars yet. So my wad is going to maybe be the first...
  5. kevinrocs

    About Doom's E1M1: Hangar

    I always wanted to connect these levels together...I did, but I could only fit e1m1 e2m1 e3m1 e4m1, since doom only has 20mb to fiddle with per map:( . it was cool to open that starting door behind you in e1m1 and look striaght across the open land and see e1m3 and the entrance to that building! The problem is that when you copy-paste the maps,all the doors and teleporters and switches have to be "redone".Instead as lazy as i was, i deleted all those things so you could explore everything without approaching a door/switch that wouldn't work.
  6. how do i upload images to a server?
  7. kevinrocs

    WAD for Doomwars

    how do i get my jpg to a server?
  8. kevinrocs

    WAD for Doomwars

    This is what I'm talking about, so maybe 1 former human with lousy aim(what they are known for) cannot pose a threat, or maybe 5-10 won't pose a threat, or 20 when you have at least a shotgun or better. But in Doomwars, player-owned monsters shoot through each other without causing friendly fire. Also, in this screen shot you can see around 150-200 former humans,what you don't see is the 50-100 extras behind me. Dodge that kind of firepower! Don't forget that player1 will be firing at you too!
  9. kevinrocs

    WAD for Doomwars

  10. kevinrocs

    WAD for Doomwars

    Are you waiting for someone to make a wad where you play the role as the badass Boss in doom2? you get to be the one who spawns the monsters? well.. I'm making a wad for doomwars:) f.y.i. to fill you in, doomwars lets you enmass an army in 60 seconds (build whatever ,imps,humans,.....cyberdemons) and throw that army at player2 split-screen) but watchout, because your buddy might have his own castle well-protected by the time your 30 hellknights reach the front gates. Note:Doomwars was not invented by me, but I support the authors' creation and I plan to make wads for it.