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  1. pete

    Win2k Joystick and Doom Collectors

    Thanks for the help. You dont have to yell. Pete
  2. Ok, It really sucks that I cannot use my mouse with win2k. Does Doom Collectors support a joystick in win2k ? If not, I will return the software. Please let me know. Pete
  3. pete

    Win 2k Mousie no workie

    I don't care about nostalgia, just want the mouse to work !!!!
  4. pete

    Win 2k Mousie no workie

    Ok, Here is another Newbie post. Is it possible to make my mouse work with the Collectors Edition of Doom ? I consulted the readme file, followed the instruction to the letter and my mouse still does not work. I know the documentation says if your mouse still does not work then you are SOL. I am running win2k. So, are there any ways around this (other than using the keyboard) ???? Here are the instructions from the readme file. " I can't get my mouse to work. If you are playing under Windows 95/98/ME, click on the "Configuration" button from the Launcher, then the "Mouse" tab. Make sure the checkbox entitled "Enable Mouse Support" is checked. Click on "Apply Now" and then "New Game". If your mouse still does not work, quit the game, run the Launcher again, click "Configuration" and go back to the "Mouse" tab. Now make sure the "Enable Mouse Support" box is checked, click on "Copy Configuration" and enter a name for your configuration (example: myconfig). Click on "New Game" and your mouse should work. If you are playing under Windows 2000, or if the above did not work, your mouse will not work. Don't worry, though - all three games in the DOOM Collector's Edition were originally designed to play without a mouse. You can play entirely from the keyboard and get the true nostalgic gameplay experience of playing the games as they were originally played."
  5. pete

    Help ,cannot install

    I created the c:\iddown directory and it still does not work. Thanks, Pete
  6. pete

    Help ,cannot install

    Well what should I do ? I followed the directions to the letter but no go. 1 First, click the game of your choice above to begin the downloading process. You may receive a message indicating unknown file types or configurations. Choose "Save to Disk" or "Save File." So, I did this and saved it in c:\downloads. 2 You will then be prompted to choose a location for the encryted file. Remember the location you save it to, you will need it later. Yes, I know where it is. 3 After download is complete, go to the location you choose to save the encrypted file(s) and double click on them. The id Instant Delivery Screen will automatically launch. No other downloads are necessary. Get Ready To Blast Away! So, I double click on the file and I get the error message: "We're sorry, but the Installation system could not create the file "c:\IDDOWN ;default directory to unarchive files to\flowset.ini" " What do I need to do ? Thanks, Pete
  7. pete

    Help ,cannot install

    I went to shopping maul on idsoftware.com and downloaded the DoomII. I am suppose to launch the file from which I will purchase the software. But when I try to launch the file I get an error message "cannot create c:\iddown". I am running windows 2k. Please help.