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Master Cilander

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  1. Master Cilander

    Okay, I've been searching for a certain level for quite some time.

    I found the level with the heavy gunners. It is the hanger level in TNT. Now I have to find the other one.
  2. Master Cilander

    Resolution problem.

    Why did it just change all of a sudden? I will play with Zdoom, but I like playig without it sometimes too, but that seems imposible now.
  3. Master Cilander

    Resolution problem.

    Well, I started using more custom wads in Zdoom, and that is about it. Other than that, when I play without Zdoom, the game looks very pixilated, and blocky, exactly like Zdoom looked before I fixed its resolution.
  4. Master Cilander

    When I go to sleep at night, I see Doom!

    The levels I dream up are possible, but very abstract. One was in the shape of a devil with horns and a pitchfork!
  5. Master Cilander

    Does anyone find Berserk packs Kinda useless

    Hell, I just use beserk packs for 100% health. I just switch back the the shotgun while in red.
  6. Master Cilander

    Resolution problem.

    For some reason the resolution has screwed up in my normal doom collector's edition dooms. I could play it in Zdoom, but I enjoy picking the levels sometimes, and so I was hoping someone could help me fix the resolution in the normal dooms. The resolution was fine until this morning, so I don't really know what the problem is.
  7. Master Cilander

    Getting mods to work

    It also worked for Wolfenstein Doom. Will that have any issues though? Or are all the warnings about incompatabilities outdated?
  8. Master Cilander

    Getting mods to work

    Wow thanks. That really helped.
  9. Master Cilander

    Why did Romero leave Id?

    Why did they hate him?
  10. Master Cilander

    Getting mods to work

    No matter what I do no mods work except for a barney one I tried! Wolfendoom didn't work, and Batman Doom didn't work. Now Action Doom doesn't work. If I didn't have to be a god damn genius to get these things to work I would be much happier. Okay, I need help getting action doom to work. I extracted the files for action doom into the doom 2 file. I selected the action wad in the menu, and tried playing it but it gives me this message, R_GenerateLookup: texture 599 is >64k. I tried putting those 3 files into the Zdoom folder as well. The wad did even show up as available when I clicked on the green soldier. Help?
  11. Master Cilander

    Walking movement.

    Anyone ever notice that when there is a good song on, the way doom guy holds his weapon matches the beat sort of? I love walking and watching the gun swing to the beat. Anyone else do that?
  12. Master Cilander

    When I go to sleep at night, I see Doom!

    Oh. *runs away from the sigh* Hmm, pretty freaky. Wispers scare me.
  13. Master Cilander

    Best Death

    The mancubus makes me sick. it reminds me of what chicken looks like if my mom cooked it...
  14. Master Cilander

    When I go to sleep at night, I see Doom!

    I am waiting to get doom 3, but you must be referring to something I saw on TV where a woman is yelling and a baby is crying huh?
  15. Master Cilander

    When I go to sleep at night, I see Doom!

    Who's Jay? Did that dream have anything inspired by Doom?