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  1. Airman266

    Doom64 cart too dark on LCD TV

    Fuck the TC. Oh we're gonna port this so more people can play it. But while we're at it we're gonna change it. Get the EX, it's much more true to the original game. I never had problems with Doom64 being too dark on several different older TVs. I also have tried it on my Samsung plasma using the component cables with no problems. I think some people's eyes are just shot. I saw lots of people bitching about Doom 3 being too dark to see anything too, but I had 0 problems here either. In neither game did I have to adjust the brightness either, in-game or on my tv/monitor. Shut your curtains, sun glare can really fuck up a game :-p Edit: As far as changing your tv's settings, alot of newer tvs have seperate picture settings for each source. For example my brightness/contrast/sharp etc for my component source is different from my HDMI 1 & 2 settings. Unless you have a bunch of stuff that hooks up via component, you can just adjust it to whatever crazy settings that make the game look ok and then whenever you switch back to the source that you use for tv/movies etc they should retain their settings. Assuming your tv has this feature.
  2. Airman266

    Real-time anaglyph Doom

    lol @ that giant cyberdemon ass
  3. Airman266

    Doom in 3D

  4. Is there anything you CAN'T play Doom on?
  5. I wanna see them ignore all the whiners who complained that Doom 3 wasnt exactly like the old Dooms
  6. Airman266

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    Practice sidestepping the rockets, honestly it's not that hard.
  7. Airman266

    Does anything compare to the BFG?

    I'm pretty sure there's a few games out there that feature handheld nuke launchers.
  8. Airman266

    Favorite MIDIs?

    E1M5's music is my favorite in all of Doom. I also dig the music in Plutonia32 (I realize it's from E2M8 but it just seems to fit better in this map) and TNT31. I'm pretty sure that's earlier in the game somewhere but I don't remember where. It's also the music on the stats screen.
  9. I have actually thought about that holodeck thing before; I watch me some trek (sue me) and if I had a holodeck, one of the first things I'd try is playing Doom
  10. Airman266

    what the stupidest thing you did in doom?

    UGH, I don't even know how long I spent trying to find that. I cursed those cocksuckers at Id upside down for making a secret that was so hard to find.
  11. Airman266

    Doom 4?

    So which original doom level didn't fit this description perfectly?
  12. Airman266

    Anyone play vanilla DOOM?

    Wait a minute, how do you get it to read the longer filenames without changing them? I'm lost