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  1. Finally completed the first of eleven maps for my Outcast level set for the Doom64 TC. I swear, these tech textures are very hard to use.

    Out of all days, I had to find a dumb bug today, the act sound for the imp has the bdcls sound instead, DAMNIT. So now I have to go thought a lot of shit uploading the patch/exe, telling elbryan to update the site about this patch blah blah blah. If its one thing making the TC a stand alone to avoid Doomsday update/breakage, its gotta be overlooked annoying bugs.

    heh, as for my sp doom2 wads, I've been getting a lot of mapper's block lately. damn overtime at work has really worn me out to think of any ideas. The one minute wad is turning out quite nice as I expected, and kaiser_6.wad is turning out more insulting than ever. I hope no one hates me for this.




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    2. Draconio


      I really have to download that TC one of these days...

    3. Job


      Deathman, I love your maps and Doom64.

    4. Julian


      Job said:

      Deathman, I love your maps and Doom64.

      Job's title says:
      I love homosexuals

      all right... that was silly...