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  1. Those were the words I muttered thoughout the whole day while I was at work, I suddenly became addicted in attempting to re-create the Strife source code. But my lack of programming capatibilites have prevented me to create the deeper stuff like conversation etc. But with my experience from making Doom64's gameplay code, I have more confident in making my goal a realility. My first priority is to get the PRboom engine to accept the Strife wad as the Z_Malloc system in z_zone.c is fuxored beyond all that is fubar. Once things gets moving, the first things to focus on is the animated textures/flats, then implenting the weapons and sprite names. Gokuma's SeHackedED has saved me countless hours, now I can breeze though implenting the frame/thing code. Once I get that community chest 2 map out of the way, I need to find the source code to the SMMU source port (if one ever exists) for future reference.

    Too bad my win98 machine is dead...it could really come in handy right now.