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  1. Entering Room "Kaiser's Room - discuss about mapping ONLY"
    This is a normal room, Kaiser is the moderator

    The Doomer enters the room
    The Doomer: hey Kaiser
    Blizzardson enters the room
    Blizzardson: only about mapping huh?
    Kaiser: yes. no games
    Blizzardson: ok,
    Blizzardson: well..i got one
    DoomKid89: :)
    DoomKid89: hi
    Kaiser: ..
    Blizzardson: about 3d mapping tricks,you know what i mean,
    The Doomer: how's the next Doom64 version coming along Kaiser? I haven't seen any news about it lately :?
    Blizzardson: how do i create a bridge il in d64 map14
    Blizzardson: like in d64 map14
    Kaiser: look at the map
    Kaiser: in a editor I mean
    Kaiser: Its hard to explain
    Blizzardson: yea momento lel me frisyt open my editlor
    The Doomer: I'm looking forward to playing the next version of Doom64
    Vulturius enters the room
    Blizzardson: ok
    DoomKid89: doom for the gamecube you mean?
    Vulturius: What is this room here about ?
    DoomKid89: talking
    Dai-Guard[DoA] enters the room
    Vulturius: about ?
    Dai-Guard[DoA]: >_>
    Vulturius: mapping ?
    Dai-Guard[DoA]: GOAWAY?
    Dai-Guard[DoA]: noce welcome message
    Dai-Guard[DoA]: ¬_¬
    Dai-Guard[DoA] is a l33t mapper
    Dai-Guard[DoA]: >_>
    Blizzardson: hey kaiser i see your a elektrician
    Vulturius has left the room
    Dai-Guard[DoA]: ¤_¤
    Dai-Guard[DoA] has left the room
    Kaiser: I almost forgot
    The Doomer: according to Spork the next version of the Doom64 TC should be good
    DoomKid89 used to be a mapper, until my comp crashed
    Kaiser: btw. I kick anyone who doesn't know how to spell
    Kaiser: so what was it again? Blizzardson?
    The Doomer: is that right Kaiser?
    Blizzardson: whatever,how did they create a bridge even you can walk trough it like a real 3d bridge (d64 map14)
    Kaiser: its done with special scripting
    DoomKid89: o idrfypnrs,s[[rt
    DoomKid89: that says i used to be a mapper
    Blizzardson: hmm script's il look in the scripts how did they call it on the scripts? like "hertic trap" "super hertic trap"
    Kaiser: what?
    DoomKid89: ?????
    Kaiser: I don't understand what you are talking about
    Blizzardson: what ID number doe it got? 999? 1500?
    DoomKid89: ??
    The Doomer: I'll be afk for a while. ; ) Gotta help my parents with something
    DoomKid89: snot
    DoomKid89: bags smell
    DoomKid89: good
    DoomKid89: oops
    Blizzardson: hang on il send you a sample
    DoomKid89: brb
    You received a Message from Blizzardson
    Kaiser: I see the scripts....and?
    Blizzardson: i mean witch sector type do i use to get 3d
    Blizzardson: a 3d bridge were you can walk on it and go trough it (d64 map14)
    Kaiser: no
    Blizzardson: no what?
    Kaiser: see, there are 20 scripts. each one lowers/raises the sectors that make up the bridge
    DoomKid89 has left the room
    Blizzardson: yea,but is it a line type or a sector type? for to create a bridge were you can walk on it and go trough it (see map14,24)
    Kaiser: its a line type
    Blizzardson: ok,thx for ya help,isn't map14xg.ded where it stays
    Kaiser: yes
    Kaiser: what are you trying to do anyways
    Blizzardson: ok il check it becuss il need it to complete my project called ultradoom tc ,if you got time free il saw on the webcam
    Kaiser: next time, please type out in a full sentence please? I can not understand you
    Blizzardson: Texas heh?
    Kaiser: wtf are you doing, reading my profile
    Blizzardson: lolz
    Blizzardson: yea,
    Blizzardson: whatever
    Blizzardson has left the room

    1. Melfice


      Heh, I uninstalled Doom Connector half a year ago if not more, the stupidity level got to me, and I didn't want to be consumed by it.

    2. Twiztid


      HeH, yea I pretty much did the same as Melfice for the same reason.