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  1. The floppy drive created a spark from the power connecting pins straight to my power supply. Which pretty much turned the computer into a rocket..
    I bought some new parts, and hopfully will get everything back and going again.

    Oh yeah..the rug caught on fire.. :(

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      That happened to my computer last September. :D My entire mother board went boomie. :D Luckily somehow my hard drive was safe. :D Smoketacular. :D

    3. Danarchy


      My friend's computer overheated on him once. It just stopped working on him one day, and so he opened it up. For some reason, he decided to touch the motherboard with a pencil and it went right through. The plasic was liquified!

      Fun times.

    4. Kaiser


      AgentSpork said:

      Well.. uh.. at least you know what the problem with your computer was now... right?

      Is your important hardware (video card, hard drive) still in-tact?

      actually, the auto-reboot issue is still there..even with the new hard drive and all.

      I think its a software issue..(probably the antivirus software that came bundled with my motherboard..)