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  1. Today, there was a huge meeting at work regarding the constant breakage of the company's computer wafers. Apparently, people just don't know how to handle them, and they keep breaking them. So now, we got 10 or more engineers watching everybody's moves.

    I was in the process of electroplating some wafers until this one engineer stood behind me. This guy knows that having people stand behind my back starting at me makes me nervious to hell..so he calls 4 more engineers to monitor my moves. Here I am fumbling with the wafers, nervious to hell, and I drop one of the wafers into the chemical tank, then one of the engineers shouted YOU FAIL IT! YOUR SKILL IS NOT ENOUGH!!
    No joke.

    I laughed. They thought I was insulting them.

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    2. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      I'd have just stared at them and said "Do you mind? People are trying to freakin' work".

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    4. cyber-menace


      Here's another funny gun idea on topic to this. A hand that makes a shooing motion + sound and sends close by enemies/other stuff away. If only that could work on those engineers.