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  1. I can replace burnt capacitor's on a motherboard, I can quickly swap new processors, I troubleshoot the worst dilemma in corrupt registry files, but I cannot setup a freakin simple network connetion between my computer and my laptop.

    I just got a new laptop for xmas and I was planning on copying some of my doom stuff on to the laptop..feeling too lazy to burn my files to a cd, I decided to set them up as a network and just transfer the files like that. So I bought some ethernet cables, and a NetGear Ethernet Hub.

    I connected both the laptop and my desktop to the hub. In the desktop's network places, I went in 'Computers Near Me' folder and I saw the name of my laptop in the folder. I tried getting access to my laptop but got an error saying address is not set up.

    I would go on about all the things I tried doing to get this to work but I am too lazy to explain any further. So I was wondering if anyone with good networking knowledge can help me out here. Pretty much all I am trying to do is just share files between my laptop and my pc.

    Desktop - Windows 2000, ethernet adapter.
    Laptop - Sony Vaio with wireless lan and Bluetooth functionality. (I was assuming I could set it up with cables since there's an ethernet port), windows xp home

    Mucho gracias to anyone who can help.

    By the way, I wasn't sure if this would belong in EE or here..so..whatever.

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    2. Fredrik


      AndrewB said:

      They are incredibly simple in their function.

      I find the simplicity perfectly credible.

    3. Sporku


      I have never had any networking problems. I used to have little LAN party type things at my house every week a few months ago where me and some friends would get together and LAN some Doom, or something.

      I have yet to have a problem with the way I have things set up, either. I usually just hook all of the computers up to a hub and have the TCP/IP settings set to their defaults (where the IP address and all that is automatically obtained).

    4. Kaiser


      ah, fixed it. Turned out both Windows firewall and Norton firewall were active on my XP machine...