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  1. Yesterday I got home and connected my cable modem and pluged in my ethernet cables and turned on the PC, just to find that AVG caught a Trojan Downloader Small 45.Y in my WINNT folder. It infected wsock32.dll. I didn't know what other choice I had but to move it to the virus vault. After it was moved the computer rebooted..

    And now after the windows splash screen, the computer reboots by itself before the mouse cursor appears. Yay

    I go into safe mode and noticed that AVG didn't move the virus to the vault. Instead I delete it. AVG deletes it, but after reboot the virus and the wsock32.dll still resides in /WINNT..

    After scanning with AVG again I noticed that the Master Boot Record is damaged. Yay.

    I dug up my backup hard drive and connected it as master and my current hard drive as slave. The computer rebooted right after the windows splash screen. My backup hard drive is now infected and its Master Boot Record got deleted. Yay

    Seeing that all my doom, maps, porn, documents, and my backup files are in danger I had no other choice but to network my laptop to the PC and transfer my files from there.

    My Laptop is now infected. YAY and it won't start up due to a deleted MBR.

    All I have left is a USB drive that stores 4gb. Its going to take 5 hours to transfer only 30% of my files. My Laptop is recovered as well which will hold my files until I nuke the PC and restore it. I am guessing you're wondering why I am still here.. I am posting in safe mode lawl.
    And now since all four of my back up drives are dead, its time to format them and experiment with Kubuntu...

    The moral of the story is. AVG sucks.

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    2. deathz0r


      It's not 1999 anymore. Macs kick ass.

    3. spank


      I wouldn't mind having a 17 in. PowerBook G4 (it's smaller than my 15.4 in. Travelmate)!

    4. Csonicgo


      Insomniak said:

      I use OS X and my computer has not crashed once, and has not caught a single virus, trojan, or item of spyware once in 8 months of nearly perpetual use.

      just wait. your prince will come.