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  1. Now that I am mid way though the CNS course at ITT-Tech, I have realized that I've gained much more knowledge and skills (spelling don't count lolz) in the field and has opened up my interests to many more things.

    I recently took the time to look into databases, mysql and PHP. I recently purchased some books on Apache and other PHP/mysql materials and since then, I quickly got the hang of knowing how things work. Pretty exciting stuff though.

    One of the recent classes were Cisco certifications and fundamentals. Really neat stuff, especially since I had the chance to play around with packet sniffers and working with switches/routers. One of the projects was to create a layout of a company and present yourself to the client on the network layout for the building. Unfortunately, I had to use MS Visio to design the building layout.

    What sucks at ITT-Tech is that they are very anti-programming. They dropped many programming courses due to many students failing and suing the school for the lack of 'knowledge' from these courses.. so now all we got is Visual Basic for only one quarter. Other classes like Database development and Linux are completely useless now that programming courses has been taken out. Which leaves some of us (make that two in the whole school) to self teach ourselves Apache, C#/++, html, and php. Thanks to our new shitty director, even more classes/subjects are going to be dropped, leaving us with just the bare bones of each course. Even html coding has been taken out now. Its gotten up the point where one of the linux classes are devoted ONLY to learning and understanding how to use the VI editor.

    Although I should of gone to a university, having to speak with a instructor face to face makes it worth it. (Sometimes)

    I am still heavily involved in the open source community and most recently I've been looking into many free fps games, most noticeably Open Arena. Being a huge enemy of Quake 3, (not to mention the Quake3World community.. bastards) I found Open Arena to be very promising and a refreshment to the bs games thats out today.

    Since the sudden fuckover by Wmull at Newdoom and at D3Files when my website(s) got deleted, I started another website.. sorta a mix between doom projects and personal stuff like blogs and whatnot. The new site is not completely done but I plan on improving the layout soon. I've observed several sites at http://www.oswd.org/ and was amazed at some of the designs of these websites. Some of the designs though helped me to learn whats good and whats not good when making a site. But anyways anyone interested in checking out my crappy site, you can view it at http://kaiser.dmclub.org. I do would like to hear feedback or suggestions to make it look less retarded.

    Yesterday has difficult as I had to leave my job. I've grown so use to everyone and from there I've gained a lot of experience and social skills. But fortunately I've managed to find another company where I can continue to advance. But hopefully, I can have the opportunity to return to my previous job in the future once positions are open again.

    Who reads these stupid blogs anyways?

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    2. Vile


      I read part of the first sentence and then skipped down to the comments. Weird.

    3. GGG


      Vile said:

      I read part of the first sentence and then skipped down to the comments. Weird.

      That seems to be common in these parts.

    4. Epyo


      Use3D said:

      Me. tee-hee

      Blogs is my favorite DW forum.