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  1. After many adventures with Newdoom, Doom3Files, Startan3, and MySitePages, I now have settled with a decent place to host my site/blog in regards to personal projects and stuff.


    Hopfully, this host will not delete my website for no reason whatsoever.

    So basically the blog will be updated with news and status on things like Doom64EX, the Nintendo DS port, maps, and other things that I may be working on.

    So for those who like to spam my emails (thats right, emailsss) with questions like WHATS THE STATUS ON <insert whatever here> etc, then my blog is the place to go. Anything new or whatnot that I've done will be posted on the blog as well as any personal rants, bitching and moaning that I feel like posting.

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    2. Snarboo


      I don't know how many companies would be very interested, but being one of the pioneers for Strife support in major ports is definitely an achievement worth mentioning. :)

    3. Torn


      Planky said:

      Thats a nice theme - when I last used Wordpress they had very limited choices.

      Wordpress is quite nice actually. I use wordpress as well for my internet domains, because it is so easy to setup.

    4. Planky


      Yeah, I've got it running on two seperate sites and I'm migrating my parents website to it.