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  1. This year is already shaping up to be a good one so far. Moving was the biggest thing I've done so far and its been the best decision I've ever made. There is still doubt about my future though as I have yet to fully decide about my permanent career, but who knows what will happen but I sense good things coming forth soon.

    My involvement with the Doom community continues to be minimum with the exception of the Doom64ex and Chocolate Strife projects but as far as mapping goes, I am done. However I had the plan of doing a 'kaiser' anthology megawad that ranges from the DSV/Kaiser series to community chest1/2 wads but I could never decide when it would be a good time to do it but since I am going on 10 years at Doomworld now, I figured what the hell...

    So what will I do today for my birthday? Probably nothing...

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    2. lupinx-Kassman


      Late, but oh well. A birthday of the happy variety wished upon you.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Also late but HB.

      I also turn 27 next birthday and am far from growing up and doing the whole house and kids thing.

      I read somewhere that people change career three times throughout their life. I reckon I'm about due.

    4. Kaiser


      Xenphire said:

      That's a long time of DOOM mapping.

      Not to me, it still feels like it was yesterday