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  1. Gh0sT

    Does anyone have Cyb's Doom Jr. 2 maps?

    my god...I havent been here in awile... im impressed Isle and Cyb still lurks around. how's things been in the last 3-4 years?
  2. Gh0sT


    ZOMG EMO PINKY!!! Cheer up Emo demon!
  3. Gh0sT

    Doom Crossover Contest! Win a Prize!

    Infurnus....Doom for SNES was done and distributed by Wiliams Entertainment! not Activision.
  4. IIRC the GBA and the GBA:SP has a fingerprint resistant/Scratch Reslistant screen
  5. This system lloks to be very promising in more than just the game aspect, I see this Chat fucntion becoming a big hit with kids and teenagers, even some adults. I still feal as though nintendo should use this system in more than just games, make some PDA style programs, maybe store them on a ramcard or something of than nature.
  6. The touch screen is most likely going to be used for the "PDA" aspect of this neat little addon to the nintendo family.
  7. I dont know about you guys, but i see a Control Pad and buttons. http://www.nintendo.com/e3_2004/ds/index.jsp
  8. Gh0sT

    U S A U S A (and britain too)

    Im sorry, This kind of behaviour is uncalled for, no matter what that iraqi did, If he had killed one of there fellow soldiers, then i beleave that they should have killed him, not beat him and leave him for dead... there are many a fate worse than death, and this seems to be a good example of it.
  9. Gh0sT

    how much action

    so much action, your gonna need to get a new computer.
  10. Gh0sT

    The Dreamcast Is Dead, Damnit

    The dreamcast really isnt as dead as some of you may think, it has a BIG underground following. hell, it got my online when my parents grounded me from the computer, i got on IRC with it too. its a good system, it just took Sega way to long to get there games right. I am with SgtCrispy on this one, ThE DREAMCAST IS NOT DEAD.
  11. Gh0sT

    FOV problem in zdoomGL?

    Yes, this is a custom map, but it does this in doom2 also. i was wondering if anyone knew what was causing this, and if anyone knew what i can do to fix it. Its a fresh install of zdoomgl. Im lost on this one guys, help me out.
  12. Gh0sT


    I AM STILL WAITING ON MY FUCKIN MCCHICKEN DAMNIT hell, if ur outa chicken, make it outa IMP!
  13. Gh0sT


  14. Gh0sT


    I would supose so... and that would also me ive got a shaved head, and a nice apartment in that alternative universe.
  15. Gh0sT

    Tribute to Magikal

    Me, and Macvilewhole send out our regards to Magikal and his family... Its always tragic news to hear that another Doomer passes on... :'(