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  1. warmonger

    Can't run doom 3 anymore

    have ya tried reinstalling, clean out the registry before ya do, tho
  2. warmonger

    Video card help

    don't like nvidiot, but 5700LE 256. it's likely it can be safely o/c'd to 5700 spec. did the same thing with a radeon 8500LE and had no probs at all
  3. warmonger

    Has anyone ever noticed this?

    yeah, like maybe an EVIL one
  4. warmonger

    re: saved games

    havn't done so yet, but it would be nice. but then, some miscreant might wanna imbed a virus into a save
  5. warmonger

    does anyone recomend a gamepad?

    i would highly recommend belkins n50/52. it's a mini programmable "keyboard" with 8 way D-pad http://www.belkin.com
  6. warmonger

    D3 boots, loads, and crashes. Help, anyone?

    nope. got a prob of my own. can't advance to next lvl. i get sent back to load game options screen
  7. warmonger

    D3 boots, loads, and crashes. Help, anyone?

    had a similar prob with another game. couldn't hurt to make sure your vmem is large enough
  8. warmonger

    can't update from

    ingame yet 1.1 is available. says i'm already updated.
  9. warmonger

    re: saved games

    once reinstalled can i pick up where i left off, or will i have to start over? damn this STILL won't goto the next lvl. always returns to start/load game/options screen. i suppose there's still no fix for that
  10. warmonger


    yeah, played that a few times and always got a chill. definitely a freakout moment. same with the sliding skeleton *shudders*
  11. warmonger

    this was really cool [brain popped out]

    hmmm.....hadn't noticed. been too busy tryin to stay alive lol, but now that u mention it...
  12. warmonger

    this was really cool [brain popped out]

    some AI is good, like zombified marines ducking behind cover, but the rest just seems to come at u w/out reason. not to take anything away from the devs for creating one helluva game, plus the scare factor, but it's pretty much like any other shooter. it is far better looking than many others and this engine is gonna go far. *puts on flame proof suit*:D
  13. warmonger

    comms lvl not exiting

    seems this just might BE a bug. posted on planetdoom and 2 others have had the same thing happen and have said that other as well. doesn't happen on the same lvl tho for all. anyway, sent a tech thingie to activision. hopefully it'll be looked into. meanwhile, back to BFV for now
  14. warmonger

    comms lvl not exiting

    didn't get the omega installed but installed 4.9cat. no change. maybe a bug?
  15. warmonger

    Hell On Earth Mod

    hmmm...wonder where i heard THAT before :D