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  1. Squill01


    I dont think the earth is "hell". This planet I think is more like a pitstop. We live on this planet, but are not from this planet. It's what you make off it.
  2. Squill01


    I think that the hell was made up to scare people so they wouldn't do any thing bad or else they would go to hell and if they were good they would go to heaven. It's like a Fairy-tale.
  3. Squill01

    Id-software fansite

    I will write in English so everyone can read and understand this because otherwise someone has to translate it again :) Thanks Geerdy2000 for your site, its fun to have a place where dutch people can get info about Id related stuff. Personnaly I dont mind having a dutch Id software site because i've always watched the other great sites like doomworld because there very up todate and fun to read.
  4. Squill01


    I also think that hell "as we think it is" doesn't actually exist.It's more like not knowing when you've died where to go, so you stick around on earth (because you still think your alive) untill you finaly realize that you've died and can move on. And God give us all a free will so he won't put his will on you and say "Well you didn't go the right way so you can go to hell" because he gave you a free will to choose the things you did on earth and he won't judge you for that.