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  1. This is good to know! Most of the enemy changes I have in mind are to fill "holes" in Doom's bestiary with roles that otherwise don't exist. A low level flying enemy was one such role, as well as possibly creating low level melee fooder that's weaker than the demon, but faster. Would anyone be opposed to reskinning the SS troopers so they can be used freely in Doom's levels? This was another change I was considering, as well as boosting bullet ammo from 200/400 to 250/500. I notice Serious Sam does a similar thing, and the balancing in that game is very close to Doom's.
  2. I'll give Valiant a look! So far I've stuck to classic PCs such as Strain, Osiris, and Obituary. The one thing I'm noticing with these is that their gameplay changes vary between drastic and conservative. I'm leaning towards conservative with any gameplay changes, but I'll need feedback since my idea of conservative may not match anyone else's. I will use this thread to prototype any gameplay changes to get input before going further.
  3. That's what I'm hoping 1994TU-2 will be! I'd love to see something that's back to basics. It looks like the server move has mucked up the poll, but Partial Conversion was in the lead last I checked. I've given this some thought based on the suggestions in this thread, and how the poll turned out, and have decided on the following:The project will have a custom theme, and custom textures and gameplay modifications to go with it. Gameplay changes are subject to change, and will likely be off the wall to start with, then gradually toned down based on input. Rather than open up the pool of potential maps to every map in the archive, I will instead extend it from 1994 to the tail end of 1999. In addition, I will allow map recycling for those that have older maps that they'd like to bring up to spec with the project. Authors that go down this route should contact the project leads first. Map specific custom textures may be allowed on a case by case basis. For example, if a map requires a unique texture for a set piece, such as a destroyed wall, that is allowable. Authors may be limited on the number of custom textures they can use. A style guide will be produced that will detail specific quirks that mappers of the era used when making maps. The style guide can be ignored for those that wish to do things their own way. In a nutshell, I'm combining aspects of all the poll options, but in a way that's compatible with 1994TU's design goals. I have no idea when the project will begin, since I have a trip coming up next week, followed by college. I'm also thinking of producing a small gameplay demo to show off the custom textures and gameplay changes.
  4. This is exactly how it should be handled! That way it's still in the spirit of 1994TU, while allowing for new content and gameplay changes, if any.
  5. I may have misread his post! I do think any projects that deviate from the 1994TU formula should have a new name. I'm not sure any of these projects would have the same feel or goals as the original. I didn't even consider this! I was thinking that for a sequel, we'd do the opposite: we make new maps that feel like old ones. Perhaps we can still "tune-up" maps, but instead of bringing it up to modern standards, they could be tuned up to match a given theme or time period instead. I'm not sure how people would feel about that, though.
  6. I did consider that! My initial idea was to add 95 levels, but as I said earlier, it seemed too simple. Plus, there's no shortage of modern vanilla/Boom megawads out there, and I feel doing the same thing would be treading old ground. I do agree that this project should have a different name. The sequel proposals I posted would be less sequels, and more of their own thing with their own name. That way it avoids confusion, and leaves room open for a proper sequel to 1994TU! For the time being, I'm content to do something completely different before I revisit the old formula.
  7. I've considered doing something like that, as well as doing a "classic" ZDoom mod along the lines of Tei Tenga or Earth. I would like to see regular sequels to 1994TU, either by me or someone else, that are focused on recreating the feel and style of various eras of wads, particularly the late 90s and early 2000s. However, a classic enhanced port wad would have to come after a successor to 1994TU, unless someone else takes up the mantle instead.
  8. Now that the poll has slowed down, I've given this some thought: 1994TU was all about reimagining some of the very first maps ever made for Doom, taking what was strongest about them, and improving on it. That is the reason why a sequel to 1994TU was so hard for me to decide upon: where do you go from 94? I mean, 95 maps could have been thrown into the mix, but that seemed too simple. So I decided to play a bunch of maps and projects from late 94 on. The first thing I noticed is that shortly after the first custom maps were made, there was more to Doom modding than just making custom maps. Enter Aliens TC! Released at the tail end of 94, Aliens TC was one of the first gameplay mods released for Doom. It would be followed shortly by Obituary, All Hell is Breaking Loose, Osiris etc. Megawads of the era started to use custom textures, too, and it wouldn't be long before advanced mapping techniques such as the 3D bridge entered the equation. What am I trying to say with this? It seems clear to me that by 95 and 96, mappers and players alike wanted more from Doom than the vanilla experience. Some of this has persisted to the current day, with most megawads featuring custom textures and advanced mapping tricks at a bare minimum. Dehacked for custom map names and story screens is often employed, too. In order for a sequel to 1994TU to be successful, it needs to capture the attitude and style of wads released after 94, but before the new millennium. That means that no matter which of these wins, no matter what I decide upon, a custom texture and theme set is a must. Of the available choices, I feel the bottom two are most in keeping with this goal, but any custom theme set should be compatible with all of these poll options. The next step is deciding on a theme set for this project, as well as a basic story. Because if there's one thing that Doom wads have always had, it's pornographic amounts of lore. :p Edit: I just realized: if 94 was the year that everyone made a Doom map, 95 was the beginning of epic mega projects! I'm not sure when the first megawad hit, but it had to have been 95 or so. Even the word megawad implies a massive undertaking, something not to be missed.
  9. Snarboo

    New Horizons arrives at Pluto

    Before New Horizons' flyby, I always wondered if Pluto looked like Triton, since it was theorized that Triton was a Kuiper Belt object captured by Neptune. The recent pics of Pluto seem to confirm that theory, as their compositions are similar and they are roughly the same size!
  10. Been watching this poll over the last day, and I'm surprised by how many votes it's gotten in such a short time! I'm also surprised by how popular the Partial Conversion option has been, as I figured that would be the least popular one. :p I've been pretty torn between the two most popular options, especially as they've pinged ponged back and forth. While Doom the Way Others Did seems more in line with 1994TU's goals, I can't think of the last time someone seriously tried making a PC or TC in the old way. I mean, there was Lunatic, but that was four years ago! Most PCs these days are gameplay mods or minor epics for ZDoom, and I'd love to see something new that can be run in all sourceports. Even if any one of these options doesn't win, there's no reason they can't be spun off into a smaller project or taken up by someone else. Someone mentioned combining a couple of them, and I've considered doing that, particularly for the Classic Megawad and Doom the Way Others Did options. Many older megawads featured the talents of superstar mappers of the day, something which could be emulated. Imagine a Memento Mori 3 or Requiem 2, with authors attempting to recreate the feel of them while also creating something new! Another option is splitting the difference between the two most popular options and creating smaller megawads from them, say 15-17 levels each. That options seems like a good fit for a PC, since many of them feature no more than 5-10 levels on average. Whatever the case, I have a lot to think about it. :p Edit: I haven't forgotten about the Tune-down, BTW, just not sure how to handle it if it wins!
  11. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! This thread is purely for data gathering, so don't get your hopes up. So let's say that 1994TU-2 showed up on /idgames tomorrow. Which of the following themes would you find most enticing upon cracking it open? 201X Tune-down - Taking newer maps (with author permission!) and turning back the clock on them. Doom the Way Others Did - A tribute to notable, and infamous, mappers between the years of 94 to 99. Classic Megawad - A "classic styled" megawad, like Icarus, Memento Mori, Requiem etc. Ye Olde Partial Conversion - A partial conversion in the style of Strain, Obituary, Osiris, All Hell is Breaking Loose etc. The reason I'm asking this is because I've been kicking around ideas for a sequel to 1994TU, but have never been able to commit to any of them. The hope here is that by having the community decide, I can finally get the ball rolling. This will also help with gathering resources depending on what the community decides. Odds are good this project will still be Boom limit-removing like 1994TU, since the goal is to honor the spirit, but not always the letter, of classic wads. I have a trip coming up in a couple of weeks, so the poll will only run for a limited time! However, I will still count votes cast in the thread if there's enough of them, or if the Doomworld forums shutdown before the poll is over. As the warning at the top of this thread states, this is not an official announcement, and I can't guarantee anything will come of it.
  12. Snarboo

    Which George Fiffy maps should I play?

    Hey, no problem! Can't promise I can play through all of them, but hopefully this should give people an idea of what his maps are like. Speaking of which, another trip report, this time covering a port enabled mapset. Filename: 6FIFFY0.WAD Name: REoL TOUGH: Cyber (According to .txt file) OR REoL TOUGH: DeatH FesT 2000 (According to idGames) Game: Doom 2 Map #: Map 01 - Map 04 Year of Release: 2000 Difficulty: Low to REoL TOUGH! Description: A set of small to large maps. Map 01 is your typical stone and metal castle. Map 02 is a network of caves joined by an opening. Map 03 is a bog standard hell castle in a pit of fire. Map 04 is some kind of hellish cave, with both rocky and fleshy bits. As the title of this set implies, Maps 2 introduces the cyberdemon, with each subsequent map adding more and more. The final map culminates in a showdown between ~12 cyberdemons! None of the maps feature more than 200 monsters. Maps were played on UV as part of a continuous unit. Maps are not designed for pistol starts. Pros:More organic than Fiffy's usual output. Cons:Dubious texture choices in Map 04. Finale is absolute bullshit. Probably the best set of Fiffy maps I've played so far. It seems Fiffy was experimenting a lot with non 90 degree angles, as most of the maps in this set feel very organic. Balance gets a bit wonky by Map 03, but it's still a playable set. Map 04 is where shit really starts to hit the fan. Despite the low monster count, there's lot of difficult encounters. The finale is complete bullshit, so I advise you to run. Interestingly, the text file included with 6fiffy4.zip explains the deal behind his file names: It also goes into his notorious ego: Pretty interesting read, as it explains a lot about his personal philosophies.
  13. Snarboo

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    Definitely concerned about the move, and about the exclusive files on 3DDownloads. IIRC, there weren't just Doom mods on there, but Quake too. What's the time frame on AtomicGamer shutting down?
  14. Snarboo

    Which George Fiffy maps should I play?

    Oddly there haven't been that many elevators in the maps I've played. :p Mostly switch hunts and boxes of shells. Edit: Time to barf up another trip report, this one for 2fiffy8.zip! Filename: HELL.WAD Name: Hell Game: Doom 2 Map #: Map 01 Year of Release: 95 Difficulty: REoL TOUGH! Description: If ever there was a wad that lived up to its name, it's this one. Hell is a large sized slaughter map with 300+ monsters. The level consists of a stone, brick and wood temple, split into four separate sections. Before you figure out the gimmick, the map seems almost impossible. At the start, there are no weapons, health, or armor, and tons of enemies. The only sanctuary seems to be a courtyard filled with chaingunners. Then you figure out that the glass windows - denoted with a custom graphic - can be smashed. This doesn't make the map any easier, as you still only have access to chaingun drops from the heavy weapon dudes at the start. If you can get past the rocky start, the map evens out and becomes enjoyable. All the same criticisms apply to this map that applied to my previous reviews. Pros:The smashable glass is a unique gimmick. Cons:Figuring out the glass can be smashed. :p Another decent map from 95. I'm starting to see a pattern here with Fiffy's output, so I expect the rest of his maps to be much the same. I'll probably play through a couple more maps, but to answer the thread's initial question, it seems like most of Fiffy's maps are worth playing? If you can put up with author specific mapping quirks, and enjoy slaughter maps, most of them should be satisfying. I'd also recommend his maps if you like Plutonia, since they have similarly clean layouts and emphasis on gameplay. Otherwise, I'd avoid, especially if you hate switch hunts.
  15. Snarboo

    Which George Fiffy maps should I play?

    I've downloaded every Fiffy map in the archive (barring the Hexen maps) with the intent to play as many as I can tolerate! Not sure how many I'll do a trip report for, but here's one for 2fiffy7.zip: Filename: CITADETH.WAD Name: Citi-DEATH (really, not Cita-hell? :p) Game: Doom 2 Map #: Map 01 Year of Release: 95? Difficulty: REoL TOUGH! (Reasonably hard) Description: A decently sized slaughter map with 350+ monsters. Takes place in some kind of castle, with a number of themes (wood, brick, metal) throughout. A custom HUD and title graphic are included, as well as custom sounds and music. Will probably take you about 30 minutes to beat. This playthrough was done on UV. Pros:Lots of variety in terms of visual themes. Plenty of contrast between wide open and confined spaces, light and dark areas, etc. Not a lot to complain about here. The texture work and alignment is impeccable. Reminds me quite a bit of Romero's Doom 2 maps in terms of look and feel. Most of the fights are reasonably fun, but do get repetitive towards the end.Cons:The start of the map is brutal. You open the first door only to be greeted by a Spider Mastermind and a few shotgun guys. Very rough until you figure out a good flow to get past the first encounter. Smooth sailing afterwards The super shotgun is a bit out of the way at the start and is easy to miss. Be sure to explore the starting courtyard completely before moving on. Plenty of ammo and weaponry, not enough health and armor. There are 5 secrets, and I managed to find none of them. I suspect this is where most of the health and powerups are hiding. Way too many switch puzzles! Half the time you'll hit a switch, only for it to open a room halfway across the map. A few bottomless pits here and thereOverall an above average map. Edit: Added some stuff I forgot. Edit 2: Here, have another quick trip report for 2fiffy0.zip: Filename: SPECIAL.WAD Name: REoL TOUGH: Special Edition Game: Doom 2 Map #: Map 01 - Map 03 Year of Release: 98 Difficulty: Medium to REoL TOUGH! Description: A set of 3 medium to large sized maps for Doom 2. Map 01 is a bog standard Doom 2 techbase. Map 02 is a smaller, remixed version of Cita-DEATH (2fiffy7.zip). Map 03 is a techbase built into a mountain, and what appears to be an attempt at a Quake style techbase with Doom 2 textures. Monster counts never exceed 180 monsters, making for quick but reasonably challenging maps. Also included are custom sounds, music, a custom HUD, and a custom title graphic. Cool stuff overall! Maps were played on UV as a continuous unit. The maps don't seem balanced for pistol starts, so if you go that route, expect some resistence. Most of my criticisms for Special Edition (2fiffy0.zip) are the same as Citi-DEATH (2fiffy7.zip), so I'll keep this short: Pros:There's still a pornographic level of ammo in each map, but health and armor are much better balanced! Yet again, lots of contrast in the maps, and the layouts are rock solid. Maps flow well, with lots of interesting encounters and traps. I was never lost or confused while playing any of the maps in this set. Cons:Fiffy loves 90 degree angles a little too much. Still way too many switch puzzles. I understand the limitations of vanilla mapping necessitate it, but I could have done without them. They are better balanced than Citi-DEATH at least, with little backtracking needed after hitting each switch. Some questionable thematic and texture choices, but they're unusual enough that I'll let them slide. Secrets are still hidden too well, requiring wall humping or liberal usage of the map cheat to find them. A rock solid set of maps for 98, and some of the most fun I've had with vanilla Doom 2 in ages. I can see why Fiffy has the ego he does: he was already approaching Romero levels of quality in 95(!) with Citi-DEATH, and he payed lots of attention to texture usage, alignment, contrast and flow. He also seems to be one of the first mappers to have dabbled with the slaughter map format. Naturally, this opinion is subject to change as I go through the rest of his maps, but so far I'm impressed. :p