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  1. Snarboo

    Quake Remastered

    Awesome! :D Definitely looking forward to future updates and official addons.
  2. Snarboo

    Quake Remastered

    It varies from mod to mod! X-Men Quake runs almost perfectly, custom palette and all, but is missing command aliases that let you play as the X-Men characters by typing their name into the console, while YPOD loads, but the custom palette and models do not. I tried those two first since they make more drastic changes, but I've yet to try other big ones like Malice or Shrak. My recommendation would be to look up how to load custom mods, then try your favorites to see which work and which don't. Multiplayer mods do not work, however, so no Team Fortress yet. Also really enjoying this remaster, even with the minor quibbles and differences from vanilla Quake. I will say the Duke 3D style bullet hole decals being broken in Scourge of Armagon is a bummer, but you really don't notice them very much after the first few minutes anyway. :p Edit: I also noticed grappling hook and CTF mode in Dissolution of Eternity is also missing, but at least the CTF map and MP exclusive power ups are still there.
  3. Snarboo

    Find out what all the BUZZ is about!

    I've had a similar pizza at a place called Mod Pizza a few times, and it's actually quite good! You only really notice the slightest bit of sweet and spice from it, which compliments the more savory toppings I usually get. It goes especially well with chicken and jalapeno!
  4. IIRC, the brightmaps included with GZDoom already do this using something akin to alpha transparency on the brightmap graphic itself. Doing that in software would be a bit trickier, since you'd need a set of half-bright palette entries, but not impossible.
  5. I've been wondering this myself, and it's something I've been wanting for ages, too! It'd be nice to have an interport standard that works for both games, and even allows Heretic functions in Doom and vice versa. If that's not feasible, a separate HEREXTRA would be fine, too. :p
  6. The best way of handling this would be through a set of "counter" action pointers (perhaps Set Counter, Add to Counter, etc), paired with another action pointer that jumps to a specific frame state if the Counter is a specific value. That way, it could also be used by weapons and monsters! Whether that's considered feasible or worth adding is another question, however. :p
  7. Snarboo

    KINDa 2.0 (32-map megawad)

    I got a little ways into the original release earlier this year, and definitely enjoyed what I played! Can't wait to give the updated version a spin.
  8. Snarboo

    Repository Dump [temp mirror added]

    I suspected something like this might happen after previous drama unfolded, so I snagged everything I was interested in from the repository last month. Here's the latest dump of resources that I have. This includes 10 assorted weapons, 57 assorted monsters, the Baker's Legacy texture set for Heretic, as well as a Shadowcaster texture pack that I believe I also got from R667.
  9. Snarboo

    im looking for the weirdest, most cursed, most cringey DOOM WAD

    With an atmospheric trailer and visual design like that, I was genuinely surprised this didn't win a Cacoward. That's not sarcasm, either! Sadly, I don't have any wads to nominate for this topic that haven't been suggested a thousand times before! I suppose there's The Sky May Be if you haven't played that already, and the Happy Time Circus wads [1] [2] might also qualify under the "weird" and "cursed" category, given the visual design and theming.
  10. By "modern standard," what do you mean? Because I can think of a number of ways of breaking it down: Smooth Flow & Design - Memento Mori 2 Cohesiveness - Icarus Grandiosity - Eternal Doom Punchy Gameplay - Scythe Modern Trends (ie altered elements and unique texture set) - Osiris, Strain, Scythe 2 (Depending on which flavor you prefer) "Realness" or Sense of Place - Icarus, The Revolution! Slaughter-tude - Hell Revealed And that's only wads I'm familiar with! I don't typically play single map wads, so I don't doubt each of these categories has an immediate predecessor. The "modern standard," as far as I can tell, is made up of elements of each of these, and you could break it down even further if you wanted. Each of the wads I've cited could easily be slotted into another category depending on your preference, too.
  11. Snarboo

    Moving decorative objects along with ceilings (GZdoom)

    Does applying the +CEILINGHUGGER flag have any effect? That's for projectiles, but it may work on decorative objects, too. There's also +MOVEWITHSECTOR, but I believe that's to keep things on the floor rather than attached to the ceiling. Failing either of those, the solution you proposed should work! It's not ideal, but checking the z position of the actor and setting it to the ceiling should have the desired effect.
  12. Snarboo

    New custom monster, will-o-wisp

    That's a pretty interesting design for an enemy, and one that might make for a good boss encounter when paired with a heavier hitting flying monster! My only suggestion would be tweaking their health a bit. It looks like it takes a couple shotgun blasts to kill them, which doesn't quite fit with their perceived threat level.
  13. Snarboo

    Sky won't work in Eternity

    More info is needed: How is the sky defined? (ie is it a straight replacement of an existing sky, or defined via MapInfo) What format is it? (ie .png or native Doom graphic) How does it look in other source ports? Posting the sky graphic would also be helpful, but is optional.
  14. Snarboo

    Over 32-map megawads?

    Can't vouch for the DM episodes, but episode 9 of H!Zone, Destiny's Children, is really good! It's basically the closet thing to Plutonia for Heretic, even down to the brutally efficient level design. Be warned that there's some ammo and resource starvation if you don't hunt for every secret, but if you can look past that, and don't mind using ravmap, it's a real blast. The other episodes vary in quality from meh to good, which isn't surprising given its an old WizardWorks production. On topic, Whispers of Satan has 3 bonus maps that can be accessed in ZDoom, raising the total to 35 maps. Then there's the recently released Tenebrum for Heretic, which also has 35 levels.
  15. Snarboo

    Doomworld's Opinion On Blood?

    I have difficulty ranking games sometimes, but Blood is definitely in my Top 5 FPS list! I might go so far as to say I prefer it over Doom, even though I play Doom way more often. The community is still pretty active, too, with newer map sets being comparable to the best Doom megawads. Not sure what else to say, but I'm glad it can finally be played on modern systems so new fans can get to enjoy it without the hassle of DOSBox. :p