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  1. Just a few moments ago, I stuffed my mouth with a handful of sunflower seeds, only to bite into one that was rotten. I'm not sure how to describe to describe it, but the first thing that tipped me off that it was rotten was how brittle the shell was, followed by an extremely disgusting, bitter taste. I couldn't quite spit it out fast enough, so the bitter flavor lingered for a while. Fortunately, the other seeds, which are all good, have washed away the taste. This is not something I would like to do again, but it's bound to happen considering how many sunflower seeds I eat.

    This got me thinking, however. I'm now curious about some of the horrible things your taste buds have experienced. So, what are some of the more disgusting things you've ever tasted, eaten, or bitten into, on accident or not?

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    2. DOOMinator


      Csonicgo said:

      You don't know what's good. :P

      heh, worst thing- oh man, grapefruit. I won't touch it. Ever. How people eat that I'll never know.

      How could you NOT eat it? I eat them by the ass-load. Yummy ass, that...

    3. Bucket


      Grapefruit is awesome. I eat it plain, like an orange.

    4. DOOMinator


      I also like to eat lemons raw...but that's another topic.