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  1. Poison-pog

    Reviewers Wanted!!!!!

    Hi From M2kOnline!!! We are currently looking for anyone who would like to be part of the doom map review network here at M2konline and would be very happy to hear from you. We recently aquired the talents of Cody Brady who posted here some time ago, and who is working hard as we speak to bring quality reviews and news to the Doom Community. If anyone is interested in joining our group and has any html experience please email us at Smooth_dd@hotmail.com Thanks in Advance Poison Pog
  2. In doomfort i am experimenting with using actual speech as well as pictures and text please put a simple yes or no if you think having narrated reviews is a good idea Cheers
  3. Poison-pog

    Webpage hosting

    Well i think at most your gonna get 50mb and that is from tripod.com And if you want 100mb HMMMMMMMM Make 2 accounts :)
  4. Poison-pog

    doom fort- gatekeeper complex

    The first review is now available on DOOM FORT with full speech, it is for one mean castle a single player wad for doom2 and will be available to download very shortly http://www.geocities.com/smooth_dd_1999/doomfort.html There are one or 2 things to just clen up, pics to be moved slightly then the first review is up :) Sits back and lights a smoke AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH POison Pog
  5. Poison-pog

    doom fort- gatekeeper complex

    Sorry about the mixup the updated time is 02:00am This is the test of site right now http://www.geocities.com/smooth_dd_1999/doomfort.html the voice is also a test till 2:00 am Thanks
  6. Poison-pog

    I need your comments

    Is it`s primary purpose newdoom if not i have a great idea for morphing doom fort and your idea for reviewing wads into one great site THE GATEKEEPER COMPLEX
  7. Poison-pog

    doom fort- gatekeeper complex

    Please visit....... http://www.geocities.com/smooth_dd_1999/doomfort.html?1000887799940 It is a review site much better than the one posted a few days ago, sporting actual narrated reviews The first review will be full by 00:00am GMT but for now there is a test review in place Please visit the site tell me what you think Cheers PPl Throws everyone a Red Bull :) :) :) :) :)