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    DOOMGUY - Heavens Champion

    DoomGUY - A Tale Of Heavens Mightiest Warrior Part 1 Intro “Oh fucking hell remote! Work damnit! Why wont you work?” *Radio* Okay Guy we need back up now! Over and out... Guy picked up his A2 series Pulse pistol and loaded a clip into it and headed off down a dark, danky hall way. *2 5 6 9* He entered into the keypad and then the door opened up, BANG BANG, 2 rounds just missed his head as he ducked down and crawled into the room behind a few storage boxes. *Guy!!! Where the fuck are you? Get here now! I`m stuck here with just 2 newbie troops left here and i need help!* ** Errrr sir? I`m a little held up here.** Guy replied. He got up and scanned the room for that damn outlaw. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG. There was a huge hole on the walll just behind him where bullets had just missed him. He spotted the outlaw BANG BANG the outlaw dropped like a bag of shite and Guy ran up to the door way. He heard gun shots down the next hall then he saw sarge bursting through the door with 2 machine guns in his hands cursing as he ran up the hallway. "Where are the rookies?" asked Guy. "Where were you ya son of a bitch?" replied the sarge. Just then a huge machine robot thing walked through the wall."Whaaaaa? They stole dreadnaughts?" exclaimed Guy. "Guy! Its the bloody Russian Mafia!!! They can get what they want!" "Yeah but since when did the UAC give away dreadnoughts?" replied Guy. BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!! 3 rockets had narrowly missed them. "RIGHT! this sucker is going down!" shouted the sarge. Guy rolled his eyes. Sarge took out a grenade and threw one at the dreadnought !!BOOM!! The robot was put down and they both ran out the complex. There was a helicopter docked outside waiting for them and they stole away. Back at the base 3 days later Guy was at the canteen, and sat down with the sarge to a hot, sweet cup of tea. They over heard a conversation...: "Hey Mike, did you hear about the 4 new marine transfers to the UAC Mars Base?" "Yeah! suspicious ain`t it?" replied Mike. "Apparently there`s some bad stuff going on up there, every 2-3 weeks some bad news always comes back" said the other guy. Mike replied "Yeah, somthing they don`t want us or the government to know about, i sure would`nt like to bo posted up there! I`m happy fighting Russians on Earth thank you!" "Mmmmm, yeah apparently 3 people (that we know of) has died up there and 7 have been sent back here to go into rehab!" "Some bad shit dude!" replied Mike. Guy and his Sarge raised thier eyebrows at each other and finished their tea. "Well i`m going for a shower and a rest, after hearing that i think i need a good kip mate." said Guy. "Yeah you go do that i`m stayin here, gonna watch the ball game..." Guy woke up the next day with that story about Mars in the back of his mind. He decided not to go to breakfast and have a work out in the gym. While he was doing this he saw a bag of cash on the desk, no one was there but he resisted temptation and carried on with his weights. Through out the 4 hour work out he was eyeing it up and there was no one there and no camera`s so at the end of the workout he checked the office and there was literally not another sole in the gymnasium area and so just resorted to his past life and took it. He left the place quickly and ran to his quarters and hid it, he was thrilled with this. But just then there was a knock at the door and when he opened it to his horror there where 4 police men ther. "You`d better come in." said Guy. They immediatly found the bag of money and took it away, "You`re coming with us pal." said one of the cops. Guy was really in the shit. He was kept in a dark and danky prison cell for 48 hours untill the door opened. There was a marine standing there all out of breath with a shotgun in each hand, he threw one at Guy which he catched, he checked it and was fully loaded with 8 shells. Then he could make out cries of distress and anger, and gun shots all around him. "Whats going on?" asked Guy to the marine. "Armagedon!" exclaimed the marine. "I`m Jason from batallion 4 section 611"he said to Guy. He ran onward to the exit of the station and peeked round the corner, there was no-one there. "C`mon lets get outa this damn state."called Jason. "Hold on a minute"replied Guy. He went back into the armoury of the station but it was pretty much empty but luckily there was a few spare shells and a suit of armour, he went to the officers desk and opened his draw, he picked up a pistol and loaded it and took a spare clip. It was an A2 series Pulse Pistol. "Since when where cops allowed these pistols? I thought only military where allowed these ones, cops are ment to have thr fucking shit one`s!" said Guy to Jason. Jason just nodded and left the building.BOOM BOOM Jason killed 2 Russian Outlaws but then came under 2 chaingunners mercy, he ducked behind a big 4x4 and then Guy looked out the doorway and saw across the street Jason hiding behind the jeep. Guy just laughed "Silly twat! You gotta look round more mate!" Jason looked puzzled at this comment from Guy despite the situation. But then it was all clear. Guy reached to his pocket with a evil grin on his face and pulled out 3 grenades, he activated them all and threw all of them at the 2 chain gunners.!!BOOM!! the 2 gunners where splattered all over the street and Guy and Jason laughed thier heads off."There is a 94B Tactical Rover behind that petrol station"said Jason, they sprinted to the station and secured the court and then Guy signaled Jason to go in the station to go around the back and get the Rover round while he stood on guard.He could hear the engine starting and it pulled up 30 yard from him, suddenly the came under fire. "RPG FIRE FROM THE LEFT!!!" shouted Jason, and as he pulled away Guy fired 3 shots at the 4 outlaws behind them killing 1 of them. "What the hell happened here then?" asked Guy. "The damn Russian Mafia as you know have recruited a whole army of outlaws and demand control of the world, well this time they went mad and as you can see they`ve took over New York, and apparently thery`ve bombed Washington and the Universal Studios is no longer on the map, they`ve tried to invade America but apparently we won but the country is in ruins." "Holy shit dude!" replied Guy. "So where heading to the marine headquarters in Quebec in Canada." said Jason. Guy just nodded and eventually dosed of to sleep. 7 hours later they arrived at the base, there where guards all over and had huge sand bag walls put up with sentry guns in them." Looks like UAC Marine Corps. are taking no risk that the Russians will attack anything UAC"said Guy. Jason just nodded and said" Okay listen Guy, you go on to the command center, i`ve got buissness to deal with." "Okay mate, catch you later?" replied Guy. "Yeah, what ever." said Jason, he ran of towards the Captians quarters. Guy carried on to the marine command center and entered. "Ah another marine! How are you? What section are you from?"asked thier Major. "I`m from Battalion 2 section 175"replied Guy. "Okay i got you, Guy Calimar, yes, right you can unload your weapons into this bag, and your armour and i`ll have them taken up to your room, here`s your key, room 446 5th floor.You`re on a 2 day rest marine, use it wisely." said the Major. Guy carried on and noticed a news bulletin on the T.V in the games room: *And the government have sent a councellor to the Mars UAC base because of the UAC constantly refusing to reveal aby experiments and why there are deaths and what been described as"people going mad" at the base.* Guy continued and eventually got to his room and entered it. "Ha ha!" he was pleased, it was like a hotel foom but with a view of a town in ruins and parts on fire. He opened the window and from the town could hear cries and gunshots, even the odd RPG firing. "God damn it! its all fucked up!" he said to himself. There was a knock at his door, he turned around to answer it. There was a marine there with his bag of armour and weapons, "Hey! is this base secure? Because the fighting is getting closer mate!" asked Guy to the marine. "You`ll be safe." he replied. "Okay its just them Russians wont give up easily so if you need any help just call here, i`ll fight." said Guy. "I think the Canadian Marine Corps. are sufficient enough for the job sir, now excuse me, i`ve duties to perform." "Certianly pal, see ya!" replied Guy. Guy was cautious about this and watched outside the window, he saw 3 units of security guards loading thier pistols and running towards the small town. He eventually got to sleep but at 5 in the morning an alarm went off. *Could all personel make thier way to the armoury and get equiped for battle...* Guy looked out the window carefully and to his horror there where a few marines hiding behind a few battered sand bag walls firing on around 30-40 Russian outlaws and then another combat team ran out to the marines aid, 3 of them got shot on thier way to the bags but the entrance blaster doors to the base closed behind them. They all cried in stress and anger, "What the hell`s going on?" said Guy to himself. Then it hit him, they where shut so that the Russians could`nt get in, it was quite shocking on the marines outside however. Guy turned and put on his armour and cocked his shotgun and ran out his room down stairs to the huge main entrance and to his dis-belief the place was blazing like the fires of hell and there where about 10 security guards fighting against Russians who had broken in the base. BANG BANG Guy fired at a Russian and killed him, he ran to one of the security guards "What happened here?" asked Guy. "The fucjing Russian Mafia happened thats what!" then the security guard stood up and fired 7 shots and ducked back down. "Is there any marines anywhere?"asked Guy. "No just us security guards left in the base, all the marines went out around 20 minutes ago, they`ll be all over the place, you`ll be expected out there." said the guard. 4 other guards came over to them."We really need ammunition and better fire power if where gonna defend whats left of this base!" said one of them. "Okay lets get to the armoury, marine... you`ll have to get out there and call us backup, take a rover and in the town there will be a big dome like building, get on its roof and sort the satellites out and call us backup."said the guard. "Okay, sure i can do that, you guys gonna be alright down here?" replied Guy. "Yeah, you just be careful although there`s loads of marines out there there is a lot more Russians! Whatch your back!" The guards ran towards the armoury killing 2 Russians on thier way. Guy snuk out and got in a rover and drove to the town, BANG BANG BANG there was RPG firing at him but he did`nt know where from, he looked in his mirror and saw traces of it. Then noticed another jeep behind him with a blooming great RPG on its back! The RPG fired another burst with 20 shots hitting the car and 4 just missing his head, he weaved around the road and then he saw the gunner was re-loading so kept hid foot on the pedal and stuck his head out of the sun-roof and fired 5 shots at the jeep behind killing the driver and puncturing a front tyre, !!BOOM!! the jeep forked of the road into a boulder and exploded. " That was fucking close" Guy said to himself. Hw arrived at the town and noticed the shotgun was empty so loaded it back with his last 8 shells he had for it. He quietly walked up to the huge dome building and went up a ladder on the side, eventually he made it up there and started work on the signal beacon. Once he fixed it he went to the radio room and there was a man lying dead on the chair, his throat had been slit, he went to make radio contact then a huge man came through the door and before Guy shot him dead he had a huge hole in his left arm. "Ahhh! SHIT! you fucking wanker!" he shouted at the dead man he killed, and then he shot the dead body again out of anger. He scrambled up to the speaker "Hello, come in, this is Seal outpost does Montreal Marine Command read?" *This is Marine Command, what is your status?* "We are in deep shit and need back-up BADLY!" replied Guy. *Okay give us 15 minutes, what do you need exactly?* "I think about 10 combat teams in this town will do and 3 special ops. teams will do." *Christ! you must be in a bad situation! Right away 15 mins no longer mate, over.* Guy was relieved and started searching frantically for somethingto cover his wound up. The hole bicep of his left arm was basiclly non-existant. "Ah shit."said Guy as he found a first aid box in the cabinet of the radio room. He found a field dressing and put it on then found a seringe and 5 little bottles of some type of local inesthetic drug, so decided to inject it right into his left arm so that he felt absolutely nothing in it. He made his way out and could still hear the gunshots and occasional cries of pain and rage, he raised his shotgun and stealthly made his way to the rover but there was someone trying to brake into it so Guy aimed at him and BANG that person was shot dead, Guy ran to his jeep and checked the area to make sure it was secure, he started the engine and decided to make his way into the town and see if there where any other marines he could be aid of, yet was aware he only had 5 shells left and would have to find more ammo or a different source of fire power. He parked up in a back street alley way and jumped out his ride. He could hear constant orders being shouted, it sounded like a bunch of his buddies where somewhere. "COVERING FIRE!" someone shouted. "GO! GO! GO! YOU TO LEFT FLANK WE NEED ROCKET FIRE NOW!" !!!BOOM!!! Someone obviously followed that order, Guy ran to the scene and found there where around 20 marines kicking the absolute ass of 50-60 Russians. Just then Guy saw 10 helicopters landing surrounding the small town and then there where marines everywhere and Guy fell to the ground to his relief knowing this battle was won because of him. 5 days had passed since the Quebec siege he was in the safety of the Montreal marine command post, the 3rd biggest in the world and had the most UAC scientists in this base out of all the bases, it was gradually becoming a main outpost where other UAC bases from other planets would call to, all marines and security guards who got called up to Mars, the Moon or any space base in the galaxy would come from this base. Guy walked along the corridor where his quarters where. He came to all the lifts and entered one, he was tired and battle worn. There was another marine in the lift who looked scared or shook up. "Hey, dude, you alright?You dont look to good..." said Guy. "Mmmmm, i`m fine, LEAVE ME!!!" exclaimed the marine. The marine looked up at Guy in the eyes and looked startled he lunged at Guy. "Hey fucker! What you doin?"said Guy, he pushed the marine away. "Don`t go there..... AAAARRRRGGG!" he stood back and pointed to the roof of the elevator. Then Guy realised the lift was stuck, what a coincidece this was, "Hey man what you on about crazy bitch?" asked Guy forcefully. The marine replied "Up there, don`t go there... mmmmm they`re doing things, BAD things." Guy was puzzled and looked "up there" but it was just the roof of the elevator. Guy opened the hatch on the roof and looked out up the shaft. HISSSSSSSSSS suddenly there was a huge orangy glow and went right at Guy. It knocked him back in the elevator and then he noticed the other marine was in what looked like a comour. "Holy shit!" said Guy watching both the open hatch and the marine. Then to his relief the elevator started to move down again and the doors opened up. There where 2 maintenance staff waiting there and when they saw the shocked state Guy was in and the horror the other marine was in 1 of them immideatly requested a medic and a security team on his radio. When they all arrived they started to question Guy "What went on in there? What was that huge electro-magnetic force the main command center picked up?" one of them asked. "I don`t know! That fucking freak started attacking me and i pushed him off me and then crazy shit started kicking off!" replied Guy. 10 hours later Guy woke up on a bed in the medical center, there was no body around and the place was totally silent. "Hello?" he called out. There was no reply. "Is there anybody there?" he shouted out again. He looked up to the door way and saw he was in ward 14, there where no other patients on any of the other beds around him. He got out the bed and walked to the doorway, he looked left, then right down the long corridor. "Hello?" he called out again. He went right towards the entrance and checkpoint of the center, no one was there.... He stood there looking very confused and was now feeling very very uneasy. After the elevator experience now this he was not feeling too safe. He went to the security room of the medical center nd looked at all the camera screens, to his horror there was no one on any of them apart from 2. On one screen there was 4 security guards armoured and armed walking through a long hallway, by the look of them they where trying to do it stealthily. On the other screen there was a man who seemed to be dead on this desk which was covered in blood, it looked like his right arm had been gnawed and a hole in his back. Guy now realised he was in a very very hostile position and went to the supply cabin to arm himself and prepare for combat. The cabin was empty apart from a light armour top and arm guards which wasn't too sufficient, and there was 1 machine gun left but only 2 mags. "Well this dosen't look to good!" he said to himself. He left the room and went past the ward he was in, he was heading for the main base building to the satiliette labs on the second floor where the 4 guards where. The exit doors slowly creeked open, when it was half open he saw a figure run past the door about 3 meters in front of it to his left. He moved into the room quickly facing the left, he saw a man's figure running through a corridor heading for the departure zone, he was running fast and was not looking back. Guy looked to his right and was wondering why the man was running to the departure zone to leave the base.... He heard a creek coming from the right, then another, he went to inspect it. He went past a few pillars and came to some stairs, this was the way to the satiliette labs anyway so he went up them slowly, the creak got louder and as he got to the top he turned to his left and heard the creek yet again and saw that one of the office doors was open and saw a shadow on the door. He took a deep breath and slowly and stealthily walked to the doorway, he slowly looked round the door, there was the man who he saw in the elevator, but he hand no legs and was standing on crutches!!! It was the crutches which was creeking, he had a wierd looking slimy growth coming out the back of his head and it looked like he was feeding on something or someone! Guy frowned and gritted his teeth and pointed his gun to the man, "Hey you, wierd fucker, get up!" The man turned around and looked at Guy, he had blood around his mouth and revealed he was feasting on a woman! Guy backed off a step and took the saftey catch of his gun, the man very slowly made 3 steps forward to Guy on his crutches, "Don't worry i won't bite!" he said grinning evily. "Your friend who went to the departure zone will find some unwanted guests there!" Guy laughed at him and shot him in the head twice killing the wierd man. "This does not look to cool" he said. He walked out the room and just as he turned right a man jumped out on him out the opposite office, he tried to bit Guy but he kicked him away. He slowly got back up and satred at Guy, He looked like a zombie and Guy then realised he was his lunch! Guy backed away shooting at the same time, it took 6 solid machine gun shots to put him down. Guy turned and ran to the door at the end of the corridor and as the door opened there was 4 of them zombies standing there! Guy backed away firing a few short 3 round bursts at them as they slowly made thier way to him, by the time he got back to the top of the stairs he came up they where all dead. He sighed and made his way back through the doors and walked into a large square room which was very dark, it was the photo surveilence procesing room. He quivkly made his way through the room and left it to go out side into a courtyard, it had 6 dead bodies in it, 3 of them looked to be former security guards, he checked their pistols, 2 of them hadn't fired at all and 1 of then had fired of 1 round. "Well, whatever killed these fuckers hit them fast!" he said to himself. He entered the main building and looked at the main map board. The satellite labs where quite close, he made his way up the main stairs to the second floor with a very solemn look on his face and put his second mag in his gun and cocked it... The hallway lights had lost power and it was pretty much pitch black. He slowly walked a few meters down the hallway and could make out a second map on the wall, he turned on an auxiliary power switch which gave a dim light off and lit the map up. He noticed that he was close to the main reception, that was where his valuables and own equipment was taken from him, this meant his shotgun would be there! And he was low on ammo anyway so with a satisfied grin on his face he made his way there… He got to the desk unnoticed 5 minutes later. There was power on here and the place was literally spotless! He looked out the entrance doors, the weather was gorgeous! This raised a smile on his face, he went behind the desk “Hello? Anyone around?” he called. There was no reply. “What the fuck went on here?” He asked himself. He went to the back rooms and found his equipment on a trolley ready to take to his quarters, He ditched his machine gun and prized his shotgun in his hands, he was a very happy person at this time! He loaded 8 shells into it and put on his personalized heavy duty marine armor. He was in all green and had a light cigar in his mouth! He went to the desk and went to open the doors and leave, “Fuck those guys in there, I’m off!” he said. He pressed the button but nothing happened… he pressed it 2 more times but nothing happened. He was very confused at this, he picked up the phone and there was no dial tone. “Okay, maybe I had better find these fuckers!” He ran to the entrance of the satellite labs and entered them. The lights where extremely bright, he went to the security room and looked at the camera screens, they where basically next door firing at 16-17 zombies, he ran out the door and turned right down the corridor 2 doors down he could now hear gun shots, he entered the room where they where, there was only 2 left “Get out now! To the entrance go!” he shouted. The 2 relieved guards sprinted out the room while Guy finished the last 4 off. He stood there silent looking down the end of his barrel looking at the dead bodies, he walked to the other end of the room and opened the door, there was a huge flight of stairs and the 2 dead bodies of the guards where there. He turned and ran to the main entrance to join the 2 remaining guards……… To be continued.
  2. Da meen green dude!

    Jerimiah McKade,Demonhunter pt 1

    good story wanna here part 2
  3. Da meen green dude!

    Elidor, the story.

    good story wanna see part 2 thow by the way how long does it take to finish your stories ?
  4. Da meen green dude!

    Visual Problems!!!

    So is my game basiclly fucked?
  5. Da meen green dude!

    [Story] Operation: Final Cure - Part 1

  6. Da meen green dude!

    What if? [noclip cheat]

    I know this might appear to be a wierd question but i`m just curious... What if you put on the noclip cheat on and all the pda`s cheat on at the begining of the game? Do you see all of the base before it gets over run by Demon hordes???
  7. Da meen green dude!

    Visual Problems!!!

    My dad said a part of the hard drive could be missing, like its been deleted or gone corrupt. Could this be true? Or just a load of rubbish?...
  8. Da meen green dude!

    Visual Problems!!!

    I got windows XP, a 3-d card,And i got 120RAM (30 gigabytes),Pentium 4 proccesor. And yes i am a big fan of cheese.
  9. Da meen green dude!

    Icon of Sin

    Thankyou 4 the info...
  10. Da meen green dude!

    Icon of Sin

    What exactly is the Icon of Sin, is it the devil? A weapon of the devil? And what is that wierd stuff it says to you at the begining of that level? Why is there so many of them? Why is it called "Icon of Sin"? Just curious...
  11. Da meen green dude!

    Visual Problems!!!

    Wot tht mean? I`m sorry i`m a bit new with computers, dont know much bout them.
  12. Da meen green dude!

    Winged beast

    I agree they would have been awsome, flying imps but stronger.
  13. Da meen green dude!

    Visual Problems!!!

    Whenever i start my Doom 3 game i hear it (id heart pumping logo) but i cant see anything. Then a box pops up saying: Microsoft Visual C++Runtime Library Run Time Error! Program:C:\Program Files\Doom 3\doom3. exe Abnormal Programme Termination. I then just press enter and it goes of, I`ve tried again to many times but the same keeps happening...Plz plz help...
  14. Da meen green dude!

    Winged beast

    At the end of the game is tht winged beast like the devil?