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  1. Bfgthd

    I'm not too impressed

    Really though ID intended DOOM 3 to be all about the graphics and thought that if they had updated graphics the whole game would be creepier but of sadly it was just doom 1 with eye candy
  2. Bfgthd

    Doom On The XBox!!!

    heh it probably crashes every three seconds after all I mean the graphics are extremely outdated and the Xbox probably could not run it anyway
  3. Bfgthd

    Driveable Doom3 Vehicle

    Is it possible to place a vehicle in Doom 3 I was thinking about it but first I need to know and nice car by the way
  4. Bfgthd

    multiplayer keeps freezing

    I have doom and a cable modem but when I try to run doom in multiplayer it always freezes on me