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  1. What up everyone. I am DooMer87(scott)'s brother. I am a new person when it comes to forums, but i ain't no n00b when it comes to DooM.

    It all started on a quiet morning in early '94. I got downstairs, ready for breakfast, and my dad handed me a copy of a game. I ran upstairs to go play it. It seemed like 5 minutes, but it was 3 hours. My dad had to ask me 5 times to get me off of the computer. But that was just the first time i would play that game, DooM.

    For the next 3 months, until May, i played DooM every day after school. I kept inviting peoples over to my house, showing them doom, getting them scared and all that, but i had forgot something. Oh, i had forgot something. I called up my cousin, Scott(DooMer87) and i handed him a copy of the shareware. I never heard from him again until my b-day party in '95. But still, I would never stop dooming.

    In '95 my cousin bought DooM full version, and later we both got doom 2. We both loved it. But i was turning 10 soon. I started to look for a way to change DooM. I wnated blue carpet everywhere. I wanted a hotel here, a resturant here, a 7-eleven here. I was able to discover many doom editors, which was trial-and-error for me until i was 12.

    I loved doom. My dad kept getting me these things called WADs. I played and played and played, but i kept my balance with schoolwork. I still, had trial and error in early '96. But in may, i finally figured out how to toy with the doom editors. I started making my own levels. I still do, but i never release them. And later i got Final DooM. I love TNT level 9 on ultra-violence!

    But, after many level-making months, i gave dooming a rest. I gave it a rest until i found my old floppy disk of DooM lying on the floor in 2000. I picked it up, put it in my laptop, and played away. It all started to come back to me. The imps, the demons, the slaughtering of the Spider Mastermind on E3M8. Then, i called up my cousin, DMed him, and then started a tradition. Every sunday is Deathmatch Sunday. Not Sunday Night Football on ESPN, Deathmatch Sunday. So far, he has been ruling me for the past month and a half. But my dooming still continues. DooM will always be a part of me.

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    2. DooMer87


      Thanks mike. I really am innocent here.

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      Please turn the flames off. Otherwise I'll delete any offending posts and/or close the thread. This is an intro thread, in the most appropriate forum. Treat it accordingly.

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      Totally cool
      Totally awesome!
      Totally naked!