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  1. Plato

    Christianity in Action

    Please read my reply once again, that commandment has everything to do with those peoples' behavior. The verse from St. Matthew is just to show how Christians should act towards their fellowmen, in fullfillment of that specific commandment. To give freely to others, especially when people are in dire need of help. Not to covet others' possessions or be jealous of others, not to mention trying to extract confessions of faith through using peoples' unfortunate circumstances. The commandment says *any thing*, not just material things.
  2. Plato

    Christianity in Action

    The nuns _desire_ enrollments of new converts by using the poor peoples' need of food and supplies. The nuns want their confession of faith in exchange for the goods they are offering. They are simply taking advantage of people in dire straits, clearly breaking that commandment.
  3. Plato

    Christianity in Action

    "Neither shall thou desire...any THING that IS thy neighbor's." Deuteronomy 5 v.21
  4. Plato

    Christianity in Action

    "Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away." -St. Matthew, Chapter 5 v.42
  5. Plato

    Christianity in Action

    Since when did blackmailing helpless people into converting to another faith have anything to do with the Christian faith? Those nuns better shape up or they can just ship *out*! (..they seem to forget what the Ten Commandments are all about....)
  6. Plato

    [world vs taliban thread]

    Terrorism is one of the sickly symptoms of a declining world. Anybody hear about the decline and fall of the Roman Empire? Well, the stage is set, 2000 yrs. later but the characters are the same. Human beings committing the same mistakes, over and over again. In the name of God. No wonder He's turned His back on us...
  7. Plato

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    Terrorists want to strike FEAR in people's minds and hearts. Never let them get the chance to do that...
  8. Plato

    worst way

    Hey son, don't be rude to your fellow authors. ;)