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  1. Halon

    Map07 Done Pacifist

    It sounds like PrBoom's trying to set a refresh rate too high for your monitor. Dig through its config and see if you can find a way to set it lower.
  2. Halon

    Doom 3 Miscellaneous News

    Thank God, they're updating the Linux port as well. It already runs a frame per second or two faster under Slackware than it does under Windows XP on my Pentium 4, and that's without hand-tuned SSE2 optimizations. I'd like to see how things turn out in the long term.
  3. Halon

    Doom Movie Not This August

    There are a couple of possibilities. They could be trying to tie it into a big Halloween promotion. However, Land of the Dead was moved up to the summer, which leads me to believe that Universal has a bad feeling about Doom and wants to make as much money from Land of the Dead in the lucrative summer months as humanly possible. I hope it's not that bad, but the film's bastardization doesn't bode well for it.
  4. Halon


    Real-time hand-to-hand combat in a first-person shooter... dare I to even dream that this could be the next Witchaven? :-D
  5. Halon

    Doom 3 on a Voodoo5500 is possible

    Ecch. I saw those screenshots about a week ago and cringed. The lack of cubemapping support just kills the experience. Technically the game will run at around 35 fps on a Kyro II in 800*600 at medium quality*, but saying that it's the same as the game running on even a Geforce4 MX would be like arguing that Quake III with all of the details turned off is just like running it with those details on. I guess it's impressive for the driver writers to show what limits this old hardware can be pushed to, but I'd still tell them to go pick up a secondhand Geforce3 for $35. * Or so I've heard. That's without shadows, too.
  6. Halon

    Doom And Duke -- I Love Rumours

    You may remember that 3D Realms once owned the full rights to the Max Payne franchise. They sold those rights to Take Two for about $10 million cash and roughly $35 million in stock options. 3D Realms isn't in any kind of a bind for cash. It's difficult for me to imagine this game turning out well at this point... even if it's technically well-made (and at this point it had damned well better be the most polished PC game released in the last decade), I have to wonder if any of it will be relevant or interesting to jaded modern PC game players. I've got a glimmer of hope, but don't stay up nights thinking about it.