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Everything posted by Weston

  1. Weston

    This Just In, Doom Movie Is Terrible

    Ya'll have shitty taste in movies. No matter WHAT way the Doom movie had been made, it would have sucked, because the concept is blatantly stupid. "OMG MARINES SHOOTING DEMONS ON MARS I LUV BEING 14 YEAR OLD" Not even Werner fucking Herzog could salvage that shit. Grow the fuck up. Enjoy the game, but keep it in your pants and don't tell anyone "how c00l DooM is" because ya'll are greasy-haired losers and nobody gives a shit if you smoke pot or eat babies over a flaming pentagram, it doesn't make you cool. Wavelength, out.
  2. Weston

    Mobile Doom RPG Reviewed

    This looks seriously badass.
  3. Weston

    The /newstuff Chronicles #249

    As opposed to someone who would love it?
  4. Weston

    The /newstuff Chronicles #202

    Barista was cool because the atmosphere was so... enthralling. so original. I found the MS-paint monsters to be a surealistic touch and thought they added some healthy humor, that only made the experience seem scarier. The scariest parts being when you run around in the dark maze with the dual pistols and the mantis-things coming out of fucking nowhere and snapping at you. Good times.
  5. Weston

    The /newstuff Chronicles #202

    Barista is not only the coolest WAD I have ever played, but also the scariest. Go play some other things by Brendon. You'll be pleasantly surprised, and wierded out all at once.
  6. Weston

    Doom Movie Casting

    ...Would probably suck because it would be full of bad in-jokes and Half-Life 2 jabs.
  7. Weston

    New Director For Doom Flick

    Any horror movie that tries to explain the supernatural happenings scientifically or with jargon anywhere beyond pop-culture usually ends up sucking. Tremors was good because the characters briefy considered where the worms came from but finally gave up.