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  1. Hi everyone, after more than a year of absence, I've finally returned to rejoin the Doomworld discussion. What did I do when I was gone? I played lots of Doom and other games too such as Star Wars: Republic Commando and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. These are both awesome Star Wars games! And of course I also had alot of fun playing Doom while I was gone!

    However, recently, Star Wars Episode 3 was released. Has anybody here seen it yet? What's it like? Could somebody spoil it a little for me before I go and see it myself? And has anybody played the SW Episode 3 game yet? If so, then please give your opinions on this game. Somebody told me that the SW Episode 3 game is really cool but also really short. Is this true?

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    2. William


      Danarchy said:

      I'm beginning to understand the meaning of your title now.

      I'm beginning to understand yours too.

    3. Janderson


      William said:

      Ha, ha, you were burned. Imitation is the best way to chuck shit on somebody else. And there were no gaping holes in my posts for you to fix. The others fixed them all and there were none left for you to fix, so you could have simply ignored me.

      So we've reached an understanding, we each have no idea what the other is talking about.

      And I'm not taking everything literally. My mind is not closed. But what you said was literal so how else was I supposed to take it then? And even if it wasn't literal, I still know exactly what it meant and it definitely meant something offensive.

      Do you have any idea what sarcasm is? Apparently the age in which you grasp this concept is nine years of age. Now for the record; are you really seventeen?

      Yes I know you're a fool, and right now you're making youself an even bigger fool.


    4. Bloodshedder


      William said:

      Yes I know you're a fool, and right now you're making youself an even bigger fool.

      Congratulations on ignoring everyone's advice, making yourself look stupid, and pissing people off. I'll spare you further embarrassment.