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  1. Hannibal

    Duke Nukem 3d source port

    Where can I find a source port for duke nukem?
  2. Hannibal

    Did anyone else notice...

    i thought that Quake 64 was alright...even if it was a little different :) who want to play te same game over and over anyways.
  3. Hannibal

    default turbo?

    seemed kind of fast...until i realized i had always run on... lol
  4. Hannibal

    default turbo?

    whats the default turbo stting?
  5. Hannibal

    Doom 1 source port?

    loading doom 1 like that all the time is a pain in the ass... any way i could make it do it without using command prompt?
  6. Hannibal

    Why? [Shotgun Guy / Sergeant]

    it doesnt really matter to me. i was just kind of curious i guess.
  7. Hannibal

    Wad Endings?

    I just beat the first wad i downloaded. I forget the real name of it but the file name was darken2.wad in the middle there was a few levels with no monsters...is this normal? The only way i got out of one of the levels was to stand in a lava pit until i got my health down to 10 then it brought me to the next level. Do all wads have the same ending as the original doom 2?
  8. Hannibal

    Why? [Shotgun Guy / Sergeant]

    why is it that at the end of the game the guys with shot guns are called "Shot Gun Guy" and when your killed by them they are called "Sargents"? im not sure if this is the same for other guys but let me know. thanks
  9. Hannibal

    Doom Movie & Comic

    Theres going to be a doom movie? that should be pretty cool. Anyone know where i could get a hole of a doom comic book?
  10. Hannibal

    heh (very small clip)

    its kinda funny and stupid at the same time.
  11. Hannibal

    Doom 1 source port?

    when/where do i type "zdoom.exe -iwad doom.wad -file xxx.wad" ? sorry im new to zdoom.
  12. Hannibal

    Enemy health bar.

    there should be a hot key so you can turn it on and off. For the bosses it could be automatic.
  13. Hannibal

    Doom 1 source port?

    Whats a good source port i can use with doom 1 well and all the other dooms because i just bought the pack :)? i tried to load the doom 1 wad with zdoom and that didnt work so well. id like a source port that had mouse aim. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hannibal

    Enemy health bar.

    i think it would have to be with mose over. except for the bosses. if there were alot of guys in one room you wouldnt be able to see them. just a bunch of health bars.
  15. "Fraggin your ass since 1993" i thought it fit