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  1. Crashtest-AOZ-


    sure..... pick on the new guy :sniffle: :sniffle: i don't know if z..z..:sniffle:..doom will dl the map or if i have to give it to yu ahead of time:sniffle: (pulls out bfg) frags 999cop
  2. Crashtest-AOZ-


    If anyone wants to play at any time and has AIM or AOL im me at ZOMBOY666 , or e-mail to Zomboy666aol.com ... i make my own dm maps usually so i'll have to send them to u in advance... i await your response
  3. Crashtest-AOZ-

    WW1 Dm map..

    I'm using EDGE 1.26.. though i want to try this with a port that supports multiplayer... if you can give me recomendation i'd appreciate it
  4. Crashtest-AOZ-

    WW1 Dm map..

    How do I make a watch-tower that you can walk under? I'm using Wadauthor,, and my port is edge... for some reason I can't get this to work for me.. I'm trying to make it somewhat realistic by incorporating a guntower.. but I can't seem to do it
  5. Crashtest-AOZ-


    Hey, I'm sort of a born-again doomer,, I've been in and out for the last couple of years.. and everytime I come back I either forget something or need to learn something new. Anyway, I'm just curious to know how to make Waterbodies such as puddles.. thx
  6. Crashtest-AOZ-

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    Well guys..I live in Jersey City, directly across from the WTC disaster,... and I want you to know it's probably worse than you could imagine.. to see this shit on tv, and from your window. I live directly atop the ridge over hoboken(small valley-esque city aprox 1 mile square)and I've been able to see on the horizon is thick black to grey smoke. It's been six days now and it's still hard to see the majority of the landscape changed so dramatically.. and not wonder wtf those pieces of shit were thinking.. or rather why they thought it. These terrorists were cowards, are cowards.. and will continue to be cowards until they snuff out thier own lives bombing another building, landmark, City, and most important more people.. all I can say is that I hope this is resolved quickly and with much bloodshed on thier part. I've seen many of the angry. hasty, and hate filled replies.. and I support them........................ Thx