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  1. EvilFrito

    Metal bands in Doom Music??

    Haha. Yeah, symptom of the universe would have kicked major ass. One of my fav. sabbath songs. They used obscure 90's black sabbath.
  2. EvilFrito

    Metal bands in Doom Music??

    cool thnx guys. I think e1m1 sounds more like no remorse than master of puppets. Man, that bobby prince was a filthy thief:)
  3. EvilFrito

    Metal bands in Doom Music??

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what specific metal bands you have noticed in doom/doom2 music. Back in the day I remember hearing: Pantera: Mouth for war (e3m1), Rise (e1m4), and This Love (doom2 lv18) Alice in Chains: Them Bones (doom2 lv23), Angry Chair (doom2 lv25) Slayer: Behind The Crooked Cross (doom e3m3), and South of Heaven (doom2 lv 7) - this isnt quite as copied, but is obviously the songs influence. Black Sabbath: After all (the dead) (doom2 lv 10) *thats all i can think of:) It would be cool to hear the writer list all of the cover songs he did in doom, there are so many popular metal bands in there, you think people would notice more...