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  1. So you just spend your last 10 bucks paying off the bills and your nerves are going? You know you want to get high but you can't afford it, you just don't have enough money. This is a guide for you my fiend, erm friend.

    Option Number 1:
    Locate the nearest pharmacy, preferably one in walking distance so you wont have to use the car (the saved gas money might come in handy later in this guide). Something like Rite Aid or CVS are nice since they're small and cramped so it's hard to tell what exactly you're doing. Walk in, take note of where the cameras are without looking directly into one (it helps if you're familiar with the store layout beforehand). Find where the shelf with the cough syrup is located at and begin your selection.

    If you don't know which one here are the signs. You're looking for something that has DXM as the only active ingredient and has the highest MG dosage of it per table spoon. Something like Robotussin Maximum Strength: Cough (not Cough & Cold, that has another active ingredient I believe). Personally I find that a 4fl oz bottle is enough and easy to get away with. It has about 354mg DXM as the only active ingredient so you can down the whole thing and not worry about passing out and waking up somewhere on Mars. But if that's what you like, go ahead and sneak that 8 fl oz bitch out.

    If you know you wont be able to bare the taste of a whole bottle going down, you could alternate onto pill form with Coricidin. Note that in this case you don't not want maximum strength as that contains half the DXM per pill as the regular ones. They're also filled with other junk you do not need and do not want at large dosages. Make sure you are getting the type that does have DXM, I think it was 30mg DXM per pill. Last time I was out doing this we noticed that there is a certain type of Coricidin which doesn't have any DXM at all. I can't clearly remember what the difference in the name was, so just keep an eye out. The main draw back with Coricidin is that it comes with another active ingredient that isn't good for you (there are rumors of it making your ass bleed at large quantities). So only use Coricidin when you think you'll puke out the cough syrup otherwise.

    So yeah, you made your selection, and now what? It's pure judgment on your part, all you're trying to do is take the medicine out of the box, put it in your pockets and discard the box somewhere without anyone noticing, especially not those cameras. I recommended a small store for you because places like shop rite, which do carry cough syrup and what not generally require digital cameras, so they can do some John Woo shit and tell exactly what everyone is doing. So don't make a mistake of walking into one of those places and trying to walk out with something that's not your, like I did, the fine isn't something you want to pay, trust me.

    If I just scared you away and now you don't want to steal it, you could also change your selection and go for one of those generic bottles, they'll taste a bit worse but they only cost like 3 bucks for the 4oz bottle. You'll live without 3 bucks, I'm sure.

    Option Number 2:
    Find a 7 11, go in, find the whip cream, put it in the hoodie, walk out. Put the nozzle in your mouth, bend it and suck all the nitrous out into your lungs, hold for a few seconds, exhale and enjoy the few second buzz. That's all you get for risking your ass stealing that huge bottle of whip cream. Shitty huh? Well you could throw up 5 bucks, visit some store like best buy and buy a whole can of duster.

    Thing is that every bottle is different, and you do not want to freeze your lungs. I ended up with frost bite in my mouth before, it's just not fun... well it is at the time, but later it's not. Some cans you have to hold upside down so the spray that comes out isn't cold, some when you do that will shoot out liquid which will freeze anything instantly. You have to test it and see which option works best before you try inhaling any of it.

    Absolutely best thing to do is grab a balloon, fill that up first, wait till it warms up and then inhale it. Depending on the size of the balloon you might have to take a little at first to know what to expect. Don't kill the whole thing, you might end up nearly killing yourself like a certain someone I know. But still, now you have a whole can which you most likely shouldn't do all at once since that's just unnecessary brain damage. I don't know, I just don't like inhalants anymore, but hey, it's your head, do what you want with it.

    Option Number 3:
    Nutmeg, Morning Glory, and such, I never tried them, I tried trying them but couldn't find them so fuck them. But they're cheap, and if you're cheaper than they are, you can try and steal them, shouldn't be hard at all. I don't know, same rules as before apply, I never got high off them so I can't tell you what to watch out for, I'd recommend looking this up on erowid before you go ahead and do it.

    Option Number 4:
    Some call this Deep 10, some call it retarded, do what you want. It's not hard to explain, it might be hard to do right, but that's all up to your ass. You're just trying to cut off the circulation to your brain for a few seconds. Generally try applying pressure to the points along your neck where you feel a pulse for about half a minute maybe or as soon as you notice you can't see anymore. Yeah it is suffocation, and it is really bad for your head, but you should be prepared for that if attempting to achieve any kind of high. I had this done to me once in class a few years back, and I can't lie, it was kinda fun and enjoyable, and then you come back to reality with saliva going down your face.

    That's all for now, I might add more to this as soon as I think of other things. Heh.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      Option Number 6:
      Quit throwing your money and life away on drugs.

    3. nxn


      insertwackynamehere said:

      Option Number 6:
      Quit throwing your money and life away on drugs.

      You obviously didn't get the point of this thread. It's to save your money and still throw your life away on drugs. What else would you want to throw it away on? Don't say nothing because it's better to die and enjoyed your life than die without actually ever living.

    4. Danarchy