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  1. Julians been making jokes about me doing drugs so this is for him ;)

    3 men (a belgian, a german and a french) have an audition for a new job
    England. Just before the interview, someone tell them:
    - OK, you'll have to formulate a sentence with the 3 words: "green",
    and "yellow". First, the belgian says:
    - I wake up in the morning, I eat a yellow banana, a green pepper and in
    evening I watch the Pink Panther on TV. Second, the german:
    - I wake up in the morning, I see the yellow sun, the green grass and I
    think to myself : I hope it will be a pink day. And the french:
    - I wake up in ze morningk, I hear ze phone : "green.... green...
    I pink up ze phone and I zay "Yellow?.

    I value the funny at a 'heh' level.

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    2. Melfice


      nxn said:

      Loses: Gallic Wars, Italian Wars, War of the Spanish Succession, The Napoleonic Wars (there were victories, but look at the over all picture), The Franco-Prussian War, WWII, War in Indochina, Algerian Rebellion

      Ties or near loses: Hundred Years War, Thirty Years' War, War of Devolution, The Dutch War, WWI, War of the Augsburg League.

      A lot of the above are basically looked upon as loses.

      France won in the French revolution though :D

      Just wondering if you noticed Julian's title...

      IN CHARGE and french

    3. nxn


      What in fucking hell, I could have sworn I already replied to this. I must be losing my mind.

      Anyway, I think I said that yeah there might be some countries in europe with a higher count of losses, maybe like Russia (don't know, pulling this off the top of my head), but I don't know about that whole random thing.

      Oh and heh, I know who Julian is and I also know he wouldn't go berserk over a few lame jokes. =P

      EDIT: Hopefully...

    4. Julian


      /me checks the admin panel :P