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  1. Kaiser_evilution

    Comments to your own title/ other's titles

    at least I get a custom rank that fits my personality :p
  2. Kaiser_evilution

    Comments to your own title/ other's titles

    try harder Ling.....
  3. Kaiser_evilution

    Has cdrom.com opened /idgames yet?

    I want to upload my wad....since I got a lot of complaints about downloading my wad at Review Center (Newdoom).
  4. I know this belongs in another section, but this one is more active. anyways, I need mappers who can help me out with my 32 level project. Since the begining of Aug. no one has helped and I had to do maps 1-11. I planned on having this project done by Halloween and I can't finish 32 levels by myself by that time. If anyone who wishes to lend a hand in the maps I would deeply appriciate it. For those who do decide to help, their names will be included in the credits when It gets finished. If interested in helping me with the maps, email me or icq me (if I am ever online) thanks
  5. Kaiser_evilution

    cdrom.com down?!

    wtf? where are we going to download all of our doom stuff? I hope its down for temp.....
  6. Kaiser_evilution

    new serious sam 2 screenshots

    I am I the only one that likes Serious Sam?
  7. Kaiser_evilution

    Hi everybody

    workin on my 32 level project for Legacy, lurkin here....
  8. Kaiser_evilution

    Hi everybody

    That's a mortal sin right there. yeah, I needed a place to host my site so I can people to help in with my project, I email Doomworld about hosting but got no anwser and same with Doom Center, so New Doom was my last one. Still wish I could get Doomworld to host my site though....hardly anyone is alive over at NewDoom.......
  9. Kaiser_evilution

    Hi everybody

    this is not my first time here, i had a nic called Deathman when I reg here in aug 2000. I lost it so I got this nic
  10. Kaiser_evilution


    really? it was aimming for classic style playing. but its easy as hell.
  11. Kaiser_evilution

    Hi everybody

    I may be noobie here but I am sure some of you guys may know me as Deathman months ago, anyways I ve been spending time at the newdoom and Q3W forums alot. I decided to come here and chat with my fellow Doomers!