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  1. Milian

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Thank you, Linguica! That was quick and is very much appreciated!
  2. Milian

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    I agree. The download section is crappy and a total mess. I can't find anything, even my own wads. I also can't see what engine a wad was designed for and all the other file info that I want to know . Another important feature (well, the most important for me) is the "show random file" link that I always used for finding interesting old stuff. Sorry to say, but the whole idgames-archive is useless now. :-( And why does the url need the file name? Why not just the file number? If you would drop the file name I could at least write my own randomization tool.
  3. Milian

    Does Anyone Review wads?

    Sorry for being a bit late. But you find reviews on my homepage. However, I don't write a review on demand. Just submit you work into the archives and some time in the near or far future, I'll play it. :-)
  4. I found a strange behaviour of XWE. You can find a description of the problem in the ZDoom forums.
  5. Milian

    The /newstuff Chronicles #236

    Thanks to you for your kindness :-)
  6. Milian

    Mod Music

    Ah, ok. Yes, it's for ZDoom. Now, I found out, that, at least in game, some mods are playing and others aren't. (The ones I like most don't work :-( Ok, I'll have a look at fmod. Maybe I can find out why they don't play. Thanks for your help. Milian
  7. Milian

    Mod Music

    Hi! I'm trying to insert mod music into my wad, but it doesn't work correctly. When I load a mod, XWE says, it's a "marker". I change the type to 56, so XWE recognizes it as a MUS-entry, but it can't read and play it. How can I load a mod file correctly? What are the correct type numbers? Is there a list? And I would also like to know, which mod-types are supported. What about .it, *.s3m or *.xm? Thanks for help! Milian
  8. Milian

    Blue light

    Solved! no. 190 is what I was looking for. :-)
  9. Milian

    Blue light

    Hi, all! I'm new to Hexen Mode of Doom maps. Now I want to make a box (sector), let's say it's an aquarium. You can't enter this sector, but you can see it from outside. How can I give this sector (and everything that's in it) a blue color when it's seen from outside? Maybe someone can give me the keyword, or the lindef action, which I can lookup at the Wiki? Thanks, Milian
  10. Milian

    Thing ID? (ZDoom)

    That's where I looked first. But in fact, it says nothing to my problem. Well the earthquake worked well on my local pc. But it didn't in ZDaemon. In ZDaemon, the earthquake mapspot has a strange behaviour. But according to their forum, ZDaemon should allow earthquake. Anyway, I still don't understand, why I have to give a tag number to a teleport destination thing AND a sector. Up to now I only knew the Doom-format tagging, linedef action --> target sector. It's a bit confusing to put target things in it and tag them, too... Milian
  11. Milian

    Thing ID? (ZDoom)

    Hi all! I'm building a map in Hexen mode for the first time. So please be patient with my question :-) I want to make crossing a line activate an earthquake. I found the linedef action for earthquake and put all parameters. But I don't understand the "Thing ID". I have to give a number into the TID field. So, what do I have to do? Which thing do I have to place into the earthquake sector? What is the TID? How can I connect the linedef action to a sector with this TID? Thanks Milian. (Edit: I forgot to mention that I work with doombuilder...)
  12. Hi! For testing some ZDoom DM maps I want to play them with bots via Unleashed. Now I have some questions: - How can I add a map rotation? It only repeats the map I chose in the map list. - I would like to see an intermission screen with the results, like in ZDaemon. Unleashed doesn't show this by default. When the fraglimit is reached, the game stops and immiadiatly starts again (with the same map). Can I change this? Do I have to add some commands into the command line or are these settings done somewhere in the ZDoom configuration? Thank you, Milian
  13. Milian

    Ambient sounds

    If you make your map in Doom format, you should keep in mind this bug, which cost me many hours last weekend :-) Place all player starts before you put the first ambient sound into your map. This doesn't concern wads in Hexen format. Milian (fka marky)