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  1. RiFlEb0bPwNzu

    Imp TC - updated

    every thing sounds good just dont the imp fireball so repetitive.
  2. RiFlEb0bPwNzu

    Megaman X Wad

    i agree Doombuilder is the way to go
  3. RiFlEb0bPwNzu

    Best Death

    I agree with alot of you the mancubus has the best death seqence out of them.(Also the mostbadass monster there)
  4. RiFlEb0bPwNzu

    Walking movement.

  5. RiFlEb0bPwNzu

    When I go to sleep at night, I see Doom!

    am i the only one who doesnt have weird dreams about playin doom? Someone needs a Break
  6. RiFlEb0bPwNzu

    Masters of Doom

    i should read this book. Every body says its good
  7. RiFlEb0bPwNzu

    An uncomplete wad thing of mine

    That map sounds pretty cool. id like to play sometime(if you ever release it)
  8. RiFlEb0bPwNzu

    Cartoonified sprites

    This would be cool and yea it would look like XIII if did that
  9. RiFlEb0bPwNzu

    Anyone interesed on this monsters?

    those mosters on those websites are pretty cool i like that mancubus/arachnatron that guardian was awesome too
  10. RiFlEb0bPwNzu

    Z10 sectors

    This map looks awesome dark but awesome
  11. RiFlEb0bPwNzu

    New Nightmare

    Lighting would be awesome but the maps looks good n e ways
  12. RiFlEb0bPwNzu

    Weapons In Progress (practice yer skills)

    This gun looks pretty awesome(wish i could do that)
  13. RiFlEb0bPwNzu

    Romero Death Skittles is done!!

    Hey, this looks pretty interesting. I'll have to try it out.