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  1. LilWhiteMouse

    The /newstuff Chronicles #284

    For those curious, I've recorded (I hope) a demo of myself playing up to the two archviles in A New Hellspawn. Normally I'd have just waited out my berserker, but it seemed a good place to end the demo. Recorded in ZDoom 2.1.4. http://home.midmaine.com/~lilwhitemo/anhsdemo.zip Be warned that the demo contains spoilers.
  2. LilWhiteMouse

    The /newstuff Chronicles #284

    You need to get on the other side of the center door without leaving the room. Look around the complex, there's something that'll help.
  3. LilWhiteMouse

    The /newstuff Chronicles #284

    That's not actually true. The gateway is of demon origin, not human. It's never really explained in ANHS because there is supposed to be another map. Circumstances forced me to cut it out and end it where I did. Depending on how this turns out, I might rebuild part 2 some day. AFAIK, you're the first person to figure that out. I thought about disabling it for that sequence, but I figured if anyone was willing to go through the trouble of setting it up, they deserved to use it.
  4. LilWhiteMouse

    The /newstuff Chronicles #203

    Only Wolfen and Chosen are in the archives. Chibi Rebellion and A Furry Tale:Retold can be had here: http://home.midmaine.com/~lilwhitemo/furry1b.cab http://home.midmaine.com/~lilwhitemo/chibi22.cab A Furry Tale:Retold was my first Doom project, which I updated to ZDoom so don't expect anything. The others aren't currently available to download.
  5. LilWhiteMouse

    The /newstuff Chronicles #203

    Completed: A Furry Tale: Retold Chibi Rebellion Chosen Wolfen Playable: Crushed: Featuring Purity Meadows Gunsmith Cats: Russian Roulette Hellspawn: Ancient Awakening Part 1 Mini-mods: Armitage vs ED209 MAIS Vile Union Hunter Hunted WolfenSlige Unfinished: Hellspawn: Ancient Awakening H-Quest Bittersweet Abandoned: Leviathans (Adessa hub) Lywren Power DoLLS: Innersphere Assault My stuff is an aquired taste though. Your's, ala Ghostbusters Doom, is more attractive to the die hard Doomer in appearence and gameplay. You're more likely to produce something that's better recieved then a cluster of my projects combined.
  6. LilWhiteMouse

    ZDoom 2.0.63 (custom monsters!)

    I assume you're referring to my Former Berserker? http://home.midmaine.com/~lilwhitemo/fberserk.cab
  7. LilWhiteMouse

    Chibi Rebellion 2.0, by LilWhiteMouse

  8. LilWhiteMouse

    Wolfen rejects looking for work

    You have to lead him over the same dis-colored rock a total of five times. He has to reach the outside edge for the rock to reset. I should have based the "hits" on skill level, but I didn't get any complaints during testing so I didn't bother.
  9. LilWhiteMouse

    Wolfen rejects looking for work

    http://home.midmaine.com/~lilwhitemo/wolfen_rejects.zip Three demo sprites of models that didn't make it into Wolfen. If anyone has a use (not just intent) for them, I can finish the respective sprite set. They didn't meet my satisfaction when rendered in low-resolution, and I had nothing to replace the harvester with anyway (lack of an APROP_Fly). Banesblade (based on AD&D drawing): http://home.midmaine.com/~lilwhitemo/banea2a8.GIF Banesblade was colored green to make ACS color translation easier (like my Bone Demon in Hellspawn). Banesblade w/ wolf raider (inspired by Warcraft's raider): http://home.midmaine.com/~lilwhitemo/raida2a8.GIF The wolf is actually from a different project, but I'll probably never make it public. Harvester: http://home.midmaine.com/~lilwhitemo/harva2a8.GIF The Harvester is just a hack of my Harperion, same as my Necrocyren and Isis Matron. The sprites can be rendered at whatever resolution is desired.
  10. LilWhiteMouse

    yayhooray new map!

    My 2c: I found it to be a rather enjoyable map. Attractive architecture to be sure. I found the "39" texture (RED2) to be rather odd though. First run I had some ammo issues, but I think that'd go away in a few more tries. Health was timely found when I needed it. Monster placement seemed natural, crowded sometimes, but nothing of concern. My only real criticism, needs a map02. ::nudge::
  11. LilWhiteMouse

    Some of my projects

    Never felt like bothering someone to ask. Websites are not my strong suite anyhow, which I'd feel obligated to create if I was hosted here. If there any of my older projects someone has interest in, they need merely ask for a copy. Chibi Rebellion, Lywren, Crushed:Featuring Purity Meadows, GSC, MAIS, A Furry Tale:Retold, and Vile Union are all playable, if just incomplete. Power DoLLS:IA, and Armitage vs ED 209 are both in a dismantled state, but semi-playable.
  12. LilWhiteMouse

    Some of my projects

    Care to explain how my being a woman makes it more impressive?
  13. LilWhiteMouse

    Some of my projects

    It's in the first part of the Oes bog.
  14. LilWhiteMouse

    Some of my projects

    It's in the same general location as the mesh armor, and actually in something.
  15. LilWhiteMouse

    Some of my projects

    It's in the Wolfen Sanctuary map.