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  1. ventnor

    Rate Your Temper

    dicknipple humphelmet...?
  2. ventnor

    Sexy hi-res pic!!!

    i agree, many games that have come out recently are somehow all "game of the year," while they're all pretty much mediocre. not to say they aren't enjoyable, but they're sure as hell not as revolutionary as they're portrayed to be. there's the bottom line. hahaha.
  3. both films = machines > humans she could have won based off that.
  4. ventnor

    Dimebag Darrell shot dead

    well i'm not sure about clubs and such, but i've set up my own shows for the past five years. maybe it's just massachusetts, but you're always supposed to get a detail to cover the show.
  5. ventnor

    Dimebag Darrell shot dead

    RICK JAMES! there are supposed to be cops at shows anyways.
  6. ventnor

    What is your all-time best TV drama?

    x2 i also like nypd blue. law & order: svu is good as well. EDIT: the x-files was also one of my favorite shows, back in the day. towards the end it got pretty bad though.
  7. were people always this stupid?
  8. ventnor

    Peterson found guilty

  9. pretty sure fahreinheit 9/11 is anti-bush, not anti-american. you need to learn to see the difference in those two terms.
  10. ventnor

    Bush wins [comments go here, please]

    not true, i know a bunch of people my age (18-20) who are die-hard bush supporters. ironically, only one of them is in the military. i just think they don't know what's in store for them. i hope i'm wrong. but i have the feeling i'm not.
  11. ventnor

    Bush wins [comments go here, please]

    you sound pretty fucking tough there, guy. heads gonna roll cause the mean kids pushed you around? i was at a restaurant last night and a couple walked in with a couple of kids. this was disturbing because the older kid (about three years old) was wearing a "bush/cheney '04" t-shirt. yes, their little kid was a walking advertisement. is it just me, or should little kids not be used as billboards for their parents' ill-informed political views? i couldn't help but think of the ironic fact that bush is going to ruin this country so much so that they will be fucked by the time they reach adulthood.
  12. ventnor

    Will Hillary Clinton be the next president?

    she will probably run, but i highly doubt she'll win.
  13. ventnor

    Bush wins [comments go here, please]

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5961048/ that's comforting :/ . haha.