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  1. RusseII

    teh imp named fred III

    bahaha, saucy
  2. RusseII

    Deep Sea map editor

    heh, I have another machine for doing doom map editing, graphics and stuff like that.. what the 1999 beast contains: Proc: cyrix300, 128mb ram, 6gb hdd, 4mb video and soundcard multiboot: win3.1 (for dck and wintex to coexist without rebooting), win98, redhat 6.1 Map editor: DCK 362 *cough* warezed *cough* :P graphics editor: PSP7 Sound editor: goldwave (old as version, but meh) Lump editor: wintex, xwe and if I ever do get back into editing, maybe OMGIFOL too bad I havent used it in like a year :/
  3. RusseII

    organizing stuff in a wad

    heh and this all started from a thread named 'organizing stuff in a wad'...
  4. RusseII

    Plutonia vs. Evilution

    TNT for me, the music was awesome.
  5. RusseII

    Teh funny

    Damn straight bitch.
  6. RusseII

    Teh Supar-31337 New Fredrik Art

  7. RusseII

    old skool DOS

    just like me! (read my subject) bah, it didn't work, oh well
  8. RusseII

    Too bad this wasnt finished...

    Hi jeremy Its is I, RTC_Marine, hows it going? mail me at rtc_marine@hotmail.com sometime :)
  9. RusseII

    English Queen Mother dies at age 101

    Who cares? not me, bah my dad made some sort of stupid speech and held 10 minutes of my time for the queen mother, I have really no feelings for the royal family, thanks to my dad.
  10. RusseII

    Does anyone use EDGE?

    relapse sucks.
  11. RusseII

    What MONITOR do you DooM on?

    1024x768x32 at 85hz on a hansol electronics mazellan400a
  12. RusseII

    Bow Down Before Me For I Am Thy God

    yeah yeah, whatever, not much of a difference here. :P
  13. RusseII

    Stupid, yet funny

    /me spanks himself
  14. RusseII


    /me spanks Xoap
  15. DooMBoy or whatever your name is, was it sexually exciting? :P