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  1. Sorry to spam, realized this one was ready too. Put in a bit more effort with the video too lol... d_megabl http://shoresofnis.com/downloads/midi/d_megabl.mid This is a remix of Megablast by Bomb the Bass (or you may have heard it from the Xenon 2: Megablast game)
  2. Hey folks... wrote a couple of midis for Doom levels... sounds best with FM Synth OPL2 (SB16) http://shoresofnis.com/downloads/midi/d_dirge.mid http://shoresofnis.com/downloads/midi/d_once.mid If anyone wants to use them in a doom map, go for it!
  3. Wasn't this default Doom engine behaviour? I definitely remember that when I mapped for this game in the 90s. Anyway, this was something I was worried about myself when I released my map because I didn't want to accidentally alienate players. Because I didn't play Doom as much I have a less concrete idea of what Doom should feel like, so subtle differences between Doom or PrBoom+ and GZDoom are missed by me. edit: Oh never mind, I checked, and I see the distinction you were talking about. SR vs DR line. I think ZDoom also adds this feature for lifts as well. I will mention, while yes at first glance, it kind of feels like a fix for lazy mappers, it can be super useful if you need to have your sectors tagged for other purposes like floor/ceiling portals. Having the lifts work automatically without needing to make new set portal lines is awesome.
  4. necros

    Ultimate Doom Builder

    hey just wondering, I think multiple decorate files don't load in UDB? I have one decorate for each monster or whatever, and in GZDoom they show up just fine, but in UDB, they don't get added into the list of entities you can add. If i manually specify the editor ID, it'll appear as a ? icon, but will still work in-game. I tested by copy/pasting a separate decorate into the main decorate.txt file in my folder and then it will show up in the editor just fine. Or is there an additional step to be taken? There's no errors or anything. Interestingly enough, you can have multiple WAD files in a folder each with their own decorates and those will work perfectly fine. My plan is to include WAD files with some custom monsters and objects from Realm667 but I want to override the default behaviours of the monsters there because I find them too overpowered for my uses so I create a separate decorate file outside the wad, give it a new editor ID and just reuse the assets in the WAD file (that way it preserves the original file while creating my own version fully separately).
  5. Ok thanks guys, looks like copying it over is the cleanest way. Thanks for mentioning Slade 3. I used the original Slade back when it was in beta... didn't realize the author had turned it into an all purpose editing suite now. Very cool. I'm actually surprised no one has create a tool to automate transferring texture assets from large pack wads... Might look into that later if moving them over manually is too annoying. :3
  6. Hiya, still new to doom mapping... In Quake, when I used a texture, it is automatically added to the compiled map file so when I distribute my map, only textures I used are there even if the original texture pack I used contained hundreds of other textures. But in Doom, I have no idea how to do this. So for example, I'm using GZDoom Builder. I want to use OTEX texture pack for maybe some of the trims. I add it as a read only resource to my map file and compile and run the map from within the editor. Works great. But if I drag my map onto the doom exe outside of the editor, any OTEX textures appear as the missing texture. Clearly doom does not automatically include used textures for you. But I don't want to distribute the entire 66mb texture pack with my 2~5mb level... Is there a guide that tells you how to actually do this properly? I guess I need to go and grab all the textures from OTEX and manually import it into my own wad file? That seems... boring? I mean if that's what you have to do, then so be it, but I feel like there's a better way? Thanks!
  7. nah... that's like the least able to be ported, what with all the moving/rotating machinery stuff. Anyway, I'd rather make something new... Too many remakes these days from commercial sources anyway! I'm definitely doing another green marble map though. I have no idea what it is with these textures, but I've loved them for decades.
  8. Thanks for all these tips and pointers! Had no idea about the portals thing! Back when I started this map, I don't think UDMF existed? Or I didn't know what it was so I ignored it. I picked hexen format because my reasoning at the time was "Well, Hexen came out after Doom, so I guess it has more capabilities". I do like the stair building method of Hexen over Doom's though. I have dipped my toes into UDMF now and some of these toys are pretty cool, although I worry about going full dynamic light as I don't want to alienate players just because I'm lazy... But initial tests do look great. And the hard line shadows actually work perfectly because they look just like traditional sector based shadows. Clearly there's still a ton for me to learn about Doom mapping especially regarding capabilities from all this new tech.
  9. @PeceMan Thanks for the kind words and the demo! At work atm, but I'll check it out when I get home. @RonnieJamesDiner thanks re: the missing textures. Thought I had fixed them all with my stealth fix last night. :( That's what you get for doing major renovation to an outdoor area and not properly testing everything. @Murdoch, @RonnieJamesDiner re: light levels. I think I messed up here. I usually play with the 'Dark' sector light setting and I totally forgot I had that on. Whoops... Re: texture variety, agree. I think I was thrown off by the fact you can't rotate wall textures. Usually I would create texture variety by making trim out of, for example, the wood slats, or the green marble texture with the skulls and horizontal lines. Maybe I will see if I can make some custom textures and rotate them myself. Thanks for that tip of fading music; I didn't know you could do that! Re: lighting and shadows... yeah, I am in total agreement. Doom lighting is interesting in that it is a very *intentional* thing. To make cool shadows in Quake, I just build some bars or whatever and place a light behind and let the light utility create the shadows for me. If I don't like it, I just move the light emitter, or change the shadow casting geometry. In Doom, you have to actually 'calculate' the lighting yourself and then having to split sectors makes it quite technically challenging at times. Especially when it comes to areas where the floor and ceiling really should have different light levels like if you have a window placed close to the floor. The light hitting the ceiling would be further back than the light hitting the floor. In those cases, you kind of fudge it a bit and hope no one looks up and notices. :} I think at the end, I was just getting burnt out doing lighting. I made the mistake of doing the map first and then going back and doing lighting. It's very tedious when that's all you're doing. Next time, I'd probably do everything at once in each area so I don't get bored of any one thing. re: Ambient sounds, I think some of my sound emitters somehow got skill levels applied to them......... *sigh* @RonnieJamesDiner It's interesting you didn't like the more general sounds like wind or thunder. Coming from Quake, we don't really have music since all we have is the Quake CD which not everyone owns these days and making custom music wasn't really an option until later (like mid 2000s?) so it didn't become a part of quake mapping the way it seems to have for doom mapping. So I and most other Quake mappers tend to rely on lots of ambient sound to build a soundscape for our maps. I will rethink how I approach this in Doom because clearly it is not 1:1 <-> Doom:Quake. Overall, I really enjoyed making this map, although at times I found the Doom engine limitations infuriating. Some things that would be trivial in Quake became a lot of work to simulate, like having building facades be at different heights without the sky texture clipping in front of world geometry awkwardly. Also, obviously the no sector-over-sector limitation is annoying sometimes, necessitating weird airlocks to get nice connectivity going (that room after raising the long blue key bridge: the button you press lowers the sector where the SSG is at the start so you can walk through). One thing that struck me was how far map editors have come for this game! I remember when I messed around with doom editing in the late 90s... I think it was DEU or something? WinDEU maybe? I remember you could totally brick your level if you tried to merge sectors in a bad way or something and you'd suddenly have a mess of lines all belonging to different sectors. Or it would just crash. Nowadays, you can copy/paste to your heart's content and the editors all do the complex merging and vertex welding for you! Couple that with the 3D previews that even do sky and slopes and all of that, it's pretty much WSIWYG.
  10. Yeah, that's me... :) btw, there were some minor bugs in the map... I've stealth fixed them and re-uploaded (it's awesome not having to wait hours to compile stuff).
  11. You can jump, it's only required for I think 2 secrets, not for normal gameplay. Crouching is not needed. I think I made key linedefs impassable so you shouldn't be able to jump out of the playable area... although I'm sure now that I've typed this, someone will find a way. ^_^
  12. Hi Folks, Meant to release this a couple of weeks ago... Mostly struggled getting midi export from Muse Score to work correctly in Doom... to varying degrees of success. I did manage to get them in there after several people responded positively in a thread I made about midi music for maps. In honour of Bobby Prince, the piano parts have been switched to Harpsichord. Anyway, this is a new map for Doom 2, using the ZDoom engine. Screenshots: 1, 2 As this is my first map for Doom, I didn't really know what I was doing. This is a Doom 2 map in Hexen format... For no other reason than that's what I picked. Sorry. This has been tested in GZDoom but should work in ZDoom. Along with the engine requirement, there are also these additional ones: Must play with finite height monsters (eg: not infinitely tall; eg: you can walk over monsters) as I used those invisible floating entities to make some bridges. I very strongly suggest using the OPL Emulation for music playback as the pieces were written to work best with the SoundBlaster 16 emulated sounds. They will sound weird with more realistic instruments. Ad-lib works OK. Strongly recommend playing with freelook as I am primarily a Quake mapper so there is probably more verticality in this map than normal for Doom. Bugs: I used ambient sounds, but sometimes when you reload the map without restarting the engine, some ambient sounds don't play... No clue why. Playing this map is pretty straightforward; drag it onto GZDoom.exe and select new game. :) Map: Download Notes on Gameplay: This map has a much more laid back pacing than what's probably normal for Doom. There is some horde combat near the end, but this is not a slaughter map by any means. I'm also pretty generous with health and ammo. For you vets, probably fast monsters might make this challenging for you. This is also a really long map by Doom standards, anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes probably to get through if you are going slow. When you're done playing, if you're interested, you can hear the original songs here (wad contains midi files): https://soundcloud.com/necros0/passing-time https://soundcloud.com/necros0/desert Ok, I think that's it... have fun................ Edit @ 2019-12-15 10:36 PM EST: Stealth fixed some bugs and re-uploaded (missing textures, misaligned textures, added more sound blocking lines after opening some areas up to prevent monsters waking up to soon and getting out of position)
  13. Oh wow, these are awesome. Is there a place to talk about making music? I've run into some strange problems that seem specific to doom or something, like pitch bends not matching from either an FLStudio midi export or a MuseScore midi export or if there exists a 1:1 OPL3 emulator that can be used in midi programs to preview (the ones I found are close, but not quite the same)
  14. Oh, this is cool, I didn't really realize music was a thing. I figured people were just throwing in whatever they could find. Cool beans, I'll do the music then!
  15. Hey folks... got a map I want to release, and I was wondering if anyone actually listens to the in-game music anymore? I was writing some midis to play with the opl 3 emulator, but then I realized it probably isn't worth it......... any opinions?