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  1. uac_marine

    Whats your top 5 favorite MOD/TC/PC/ whatever

    mod: Immoral conduct pc: shrug tc: thats a beotch of a question.
  2. uac_marine

    New Doom map editor in development

    wow, can anyone give me the exact date and time when bbg actually grew up? heh, nice handy work there bbg, couldnt of said it better myself :)
  3. uac_marine

    Deepsea strikes again

    *hides his warezed copy of dck*
  4. yay, if this pulls through, I wont have to go and buy the game :P
  5. uac_marine

    Doom on IRIX

    heh, debian and *BSD rules period
  6. uac_marine

    E3 a month away...

    I love you kat
  7. uac_marine

    new graphics editor ?

    yeah, I'll give it a go, I will also ask him if he can release the sources directly to the doom community itself..
  8. uac_marine

    new graphics editor ?

    I emailed Matt Tagliaferri (spelling should be right) the other night about the DoomCAD sources, he said he will kindly send them to me once he finds them on his old PC.
  9. uac_marine

    new graphics editor ?

    well, I was and probably still am (occasionally) working on a WAD editor, the url for it is in my sig, so yeah... other than that, I was thinking whether or not to do just straight lump insertion like SargeBaldy said he has problems with midis being converted to mus's and so on, just wondering if the newer doom ports nowadays support plain bitmaps (rather than the original doom custom format for sprites), WAVE sounds (rather than, again, the VOC like format) and music (midis, not mus's!), the patches/flats are ok, they are in PPM afaik.
  10. uac_marine

    Getting skulltag to work without the .exe

    this is probably the most retarded question I have ever heard in about a 6 month period.
  11. uac_marine

    I want some cool weapons mods.

    http://www.doomworld.com/immoralconduct and gunspc by espi aswell.
  12. uac_marine

    New ZDoom 1.23 Beta 28 NOW !

    argh, its slow enough for grandpa to download.
  13. uac_marine


    I think QDOOM was a waste of time, but it was a really good idea.
  14. uac_marine

    uac resurrection beta testers

    nah, to my little brother. :P