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  1. frwl

    "Dwango5 map01 forever" thing...

    I would but there are oh-so many out there already... you wouldn't beleave it till you saw them.
  2. frwl

    "Dwango5 map01 forever" thing...

    heh, in about a day, I will have the comic up at side7.com. But I was so pissed at the time that I couldn't help but get on Zdaemon and hand people back their asses (though Mitch9000 did the most of it).
  3. frwl

    pepsi & coke

    just hit me up with some good ol' ginger ale or cream soda...
  4. frwl

    "Dwango5 map01 forever" thing...

    Edit: BASTARD DEVIANTART.COM! they took the art down without notifying me or anything!
  5. frwl

    "Dwango5 map01 forever" thing...

    hehe, I know... I was only joking... tho you know you want some...
  6. frwl

    "Dwango5 map01 forever" thing...

    cause sonic... dunno. Want some of my STH related porn?
  7. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/2703673/ tell me what you think. btw, that link takes you to a thumbnail... click it.
  8. frwl

    Carnevil goes to CA until 8/13!

    come over to my place while you're at it. so what if it's 7 hours northward?
  9. frwl

    the doomsphere

    there is a quad dammage code? is that the sthissy one or something like that?
  10. frwl

    the doomsphere

    he just thought it was weird math... strength+more strength=kill faster
  11. frwl

    Strange error

    It sounds kinda like a node problem... and this might sound a bit too stupid/obvious, but did you make sure to make those linedefs you are passing through impassable? and when you drew your sectors, did you remeber to draw the linedefs in a clockwise fashon?
  12. frwl

    Error with Doomsday 1.7.10

    it doesn't matter if they are in good folders, but the launcher has to be set to those folders. you probably already knew that though... my other sollution is that the jdoom.ded file is bad... go reinstall and see if things improve.
  13. frwl

    Just downloaded Zdoom 2.0.47...

    heh, I can only use the fm chip for my laptop when I play... it is interesting... e2m8 is good too.
  14. frwl

    Error with Doomsday 1.7.10

    um... this is purely a thing I thought up in about 1 second, but did you make sure to define where the .ded files are via the launcher?
  15. frwl

    More stupid questions about ports...

    Having Zdoom and Zdaemon is very simple. Download all of the Zdaemon files into its own neat lil folder. then download IDE. set up IDE's path configs for zdaemon and you are good to go.