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  1. Chain Mail

    Britney spears goes wacko

    Ah, how linguistically conservative. I'm afraid could care less makes perfect sense, and as Your Whiny Annoyance implies, is already widely used. Whether everyone understands its meaning is another matter. You don't. Yet, at least. If you care enough to talk or post about something, if just to say how little you care, it's evident you could care even less. In the traditional use of the line, the sentence relies more on a meaning of care akin to worry (feeling), while the altered one takes one closer to bother (doing). That may clear up your frustration about the matter, especially in this case (in other contexts mabye only "couldn't care" may make sense) so that your need for an English professor's assistance becomes less of a care, as merely a pencil stabbing revenge against me, as opposed to this class I just gave you. You can thank me later, though I could care less. I only wish all threads became grammar/semantics discussions like this. We would all learn so much. Still, I gess not, though, as Mordeth and anything else would be even less finished in the end.
  2. Chain Mail

    Britney spears goes wacko

    Simon says "I couldn't care less". That means that according to the circumstances it still should or could be reasonable for him to care more, but never less. That said, I think could care less for what happened to her (posting here about it is already quite generous), or if a falling piano horribly crushes Simon's spine, for that matter (he'd sure have some "real problems", that he seems to consider so important, there).
  3. Chain Mail

    Japan pisses off US over WW2 sex slaves.

    Actually, it's "justified, and "unjustified" (at least according to the American congress). If war (or nuking) is justifiable, I fail to see how rape cannot be justifiable.
  4. Chain Mail

    Japan pisses off US over WW2 sex slaves.

    Or just a nonbinding resolution that the US military should quit occupying Japanese territory, unless Japan is similarly allowed to place its own such bases within US territory.
  5. Chain Mail

    Britney spears goes wacko

    Looks like she could shift to a punk rock career now.
  6. Chain Mail

    Doom: The Movie

    I don't see what Bill and his wife have to do with DOOM, except for Doom 95. Well, and MS DOS.
  7. Chain Mail

    Rejected Doom News

    Maybe where you live newspapers come in a single page, I don't know. One thing that could be done is to place the evidently special, funny, or big news on the front page and a link that says "more news", either expanding the front page to include what can be considered lesser news by the admins, or opening another page with the rest of the news. This would have the advantage of keeping the front page pretty clean without obscuring or excluding minor news. It would be a hybrid between the "staff" method and the current wikilike one without losing the strengths of either. PS: I aplogise for inciting you to such a "tl;dr" word storm.
  8. I agree, Quake. And indeed, Heretic and Hexen were not made by id Software, just published by them.
  9. As long as families dedicate large amnounts of money (even if it doesn't mean much to them particularly) to private education, the political spectrum won't care to have first class public education. Private edication would then be a mere and unnecessary privilige, and not something apparently necessary for proper schooling. It's pretty much the same issue that afflicts public health coverage. But also, there's been a lot of technological change these past couple of decades, in an irregular fashion (some people are absolutely nerdified and others hardly come in touch with such technology except more causally), that seems to make it hard to find a proper system to apply to a whole nation or even state/province. Secondary education in your country does seem to have issues, but at least it doesn't seem as rigid as it is in many public schools here (where people may be learning stuff that'll likely mean nothing in their current circumstances). Anyhow, the English language is also somewhat of a mish mash in some respects, and you probably need too much of an effort on spelling to learn it "properly".
  10. Chain Mail

    Should DW get some new news people or something

    Well, its simplicity is now rather distinctlive and one of its strengths. As a basic FPS is should live as long as PCs persist, and could so even more (for as long as FPSs are played), even if its community shrinks a bit (at least without help like from DOOM 3 and the movie). That there are enhancements only helps (and is crucial to some of the fans), but what really keeps it alive are the efforts made to keep it portable on current systems, and that it is such a classic.
  11. Chain Mail

    Rejected Doom News

    It's annoying for anyone not visiting every day, plus it scatters discussion about wads even more (adding a third place over the chronicles and wads & mods). Not to mentiona that the people that visit every day pretty much also browse the forums, so they don't need every tidbit on the front page. In this case it would just be a bigger flow of news for more or less the same people. More an illusion of activity than the substance. That's clear by the contents, anyway. There's a new system up to allow more news, so talking about the news stagnation during the old admin only news method is pointless. The news wouldn't stagnate if nonexceptional uploads were not to be considered news.
  12. Chain Mail

    Rejected Doom News

    To make wads & mods rather useless other than to compare memento mori with requiem or something like that, I guss. "Hey, lets all post every upload and update to our projects as news so it shows up on the front page".
  13. Chain Mail

    Rejected Doom News

    It's news, but not news for the front page unless the news admins decide that. Less news on the front page allows people that don't visit every day to catch what the staff considers relatively juicy news. People that visit more regularly can catch minor news and update announcemnts on the forums (rejected news, wads and mods, general, source ports, etc.)
  14. Chain Mail

    Much OBLIGEd

    There's nothing against basing your work on an existing base as long as you have the author's permission. There's an entry in the TXT template for that, after all. My point is that wads using such a tool should be judged on a case by case basis. What you judge is the result and the work put into the upload, and both could be considerable and exceptional even starting from a random template or layout. For example, someone could a speedmapping session where each participant generates a SLIGE or OBLIGE map, that is then modified. Then the maps could be judged by the admins of the competition and the good ones uploaded (the best ones or all the ones that qualify as creative).
  15. Chain Mail

    Damage Equation?

    And conversely once you pick up a green one it goes back to the green armor calculation, had you been wearing a blue one with less than 100 points of protection. I sometimes avoid green armors if I still have some blue armor left, when playing cautiously, due to this.