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  1. OoPpEe

    DoomII - Map30 edit?

    Could someone modify Map30 of Doom 2 to spawn every enemy type? Like Imps, all types of Zombies, CyberDemon, SpiderMastermind ect. I love DMing on this map with friends and we have monsters enabled, we miss having the "oh Sh**!" like we got when we had a map which had a SpiderMastermind or CyberDemon on it. We recenly started DM'ing on Map30 and we want to have that "Oh Sh**!" factor again.
  2. OoPpEe

    Desktop Doom

    Thanks for adding it again. I do have a request. Could you at all enable viewing of the First Person weapon sprite? The other would be on the Icon Of Sin (last map), could you make the cube spawn every type of enemy (including MasterMind and CyberDemon) at roughly the equal amount? I love that map as my screensaver as the bots can "path" through it well as it is so basic. I just miss seeing Zombies the the S.M. and CyberDemon. Kind of a odd request, but if you are not busy and in your spare time could you do this?
  3. OoPpEe

    Desktop Doom

    Thats the old ver. (which is the only one I could find) Newest is like 2.5.7
  4. OoPpEe

    Desktop Doom

    I recently formatted and had the Desktop Doom screensaver as well... my screensaver. I went to get it again, only to find out the download link doesn't work. Does anyone have the latest version? (I can only find a way out of date one which I didnt like).