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  1. Drakker

    The Doom Community's Most Lovable Designer Is Hurt

    Thats gotta hurt. So much for an incentive to improve your left hand typing. :)
  2. Drakker

    Like Free Junk?

    The GBA Doom2 really is good, though you can feel the physics have been dummied a bit, theres a few slowdown here and there(slowdown, not halts) but the framerate remains good enough to be playable anyway. The engine uses horizontal double pixel buffereing for the architecture and the placement of items (rockets jerk a bit). The responsiveness is a bit slow, but it adds to the challenge. Oh, and things that would never hit you in the pc version (flies off screen) seem to hit you on the GBA, again adding to the challenge, as if there wasnt already enough playing with the gamepad. =) Overall, even if its not the real thing and I've written only the bad parts, its damn close to the real thing and damn good. It's well above my expectation and I'm glad I bought it the day it came out... now if only I could win I'd have a second GBA to play with my girlfriend when we dont have acess to two puters heh. Anyway, even if you dont win, Doom 2 GBA is well worth it (MUCH MUCH better than the lousy port of Doom 1). Playing Doom while sitting on the toilet, a childhood's dream fulfilled! [Edit] Oh, and I forgot to say that everything goes faster... you will never see a super shotgun reload THAT fast. It fires as fast as the first shotgun in the original doom... and I'm not telling you how blazingly fast the first shotgun shoots... d'oh, did it.
  3. Drakker

    Doom 3 Leak

    I didnt say it makes it legal cuz its incomplete... but moraly I think its okay. Not paying for a full game is bad, but playing a leaked beta that isnt even for sale? Whats wrong with that? You get an early feeling of the game and helps you wait till the official demo. You will get the same feeling out of the technology test/demo anyway.
  4. Drakker

    Doom 3 Leak

    I see nothing wrong with the leaked beta, its still VERY early, and Id will release "official" technology tests later. Just enjoy it while you can... or if you can... Windows only :\ And, no, it wont hurt Id's profits.
  5. Drakker

    Doom 3 Leak

    Too bad its Windows only, can't play it. :( No, dont ask for it, you wont get it.
  6. Drakker

    Why Are You Looking At My Butt

    ... strange...... headlines.... *coughs*
  7. Drakker

    Legacy Tastes Like Chicken

    You might want to get some other launcher like king elvis' or be a man and use the command line. The command line always works.
  8. Drakker


    Why keeps getting better and better... really *fast*. Thanks for the hard work Pate. :)
  9. Drakker

    Will Microsoft Lock id Software In A Box?

    I have to agree that this is obiviously false. Anyone with even a bad sense of logic would guess that this would be the doom of Id software. (pun intended.) Beside, who cares about those magasines? You get everything on the net, and a lot faster.
  10. Drakker

    Why Eye-Candy?

    Nice! Was about time someone made a new open source and free, up to date editor. I look forward to use linux why :)
  11. Drakker

    ZDaemon Switching Ports?

    I'd say ZDaemon and Skulltag should join force.
  12. Drakker

    Why Update?

    It's very nice to finaly get a new and free editor. The fact that it got a working unix version is great too. I guess it wont take long before we get python scripts to customise Legacy 3d floors, fog and water sectors. Thanks Pate!
  13. Drakker

    Legacy Continues

    DOS and NTFS? Funny.
  14. Drakker

    doom compatibility with windows xp

    I would never use Win2k on anything slower than a 500. As for ram, of course ou need at least 256 megs, a serious gamer cant live without that anyway. (I have 384). Of course the perception of unusable varies from one person to another. You can say that 98SE is perfectly usable on a p133, but personnaly, I think its not recommended for puters slower than ~300 mhz. I like my stuff fast and cant bear to wait for windows to actualy do its job and draw windows cuz its busy doing other unimportant stuff. Beside, 400 mhz puters with 256 megs of ram are not that common (they shipped with 32-64 back then...). My experience with 2k has been pretty positive so far (that was unexpected cuz it was very negative with any flavor of 9x or NT). As for XP, who needs all the bloat and all the crap microsoft has added in it when you could use less-bloated Win2k and not beign subject to that microsoft activation crap? (and all the trackers in it...). I haven't had any problem playing recent games with 2k either. Most of the doom ports work perfectly too. Performances are actualy better than 98 in some games. Not beign able to uninstall all the XP bloat Microsoft has added is very annoying. It also has been proven many time that the integrated firewalls blocks only what it wants to block. XP has its compatibility issues too, peripherals not supported, 2k drivers that wont work with XP, etc. Of course Microsoft scores a point with its backward compatibility for a few old programs, but I can run them on another computer that is XP free, so why care? I say buy 2k, its cheaper right now and much more reliable, and it WILL benefit from XP support as almost every drivers for XP are released for 2k too. Wait till XP has got is 12 service packs and Microsoft to get sued a couple of times. Maybe then it will be usable and at an affordable price. Especialy when you pay with Canadian or Australian dollars. (400-500(can)-500-600$(auss) for Windows XP? I can get an Athlon XP 1500 and a GeForce 3 and more for that price). DeepSea is yuck too. I should have said none of the free and good editors work with Win2k/XP. Deth, DCK, WinDeu comes to mind.
  15. Drakker

    doom compatibility with windows xp

    A simple solution would be to get XP with a brand new puter (if you can afford XP you can buy a new puter) and stick with your current puter for 98SE and dos, or if you have an old 200-400 mhz or so puter stick with it for 98 and doom and use your XP puter for everything else. Beside, XP is unusable if you have anything slower than a 600 mhz CPU (XP on a puter slower than 600 mhz is like 95 on a 486). Though, I would strongly recommend Windows 2000 over XP, its faster, much more stable and isnt full of bloatware. Check http://firingsquad.gamers.com/ for some reliable benchmarks. It doesnt have the compatibility option, but I can live without it. On a sidenote, I use Windows 2000 to run windows only stuff and Linux with yadex for editing and everything else (the only editor I've found that works with Win2k is wadauthor and its not that stable on win2k, wadauthor sucks anyway), I would recommend this setting for anyone thats not too lazy.