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  1. Made it to map 8 of Sucker Punch 1, then added another notch on to my ironman list of worthy "GJ ANIMA!" moments. Capital! DWIronman_sckrpnch_AnimaZero.zip
  2. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: Somewhere in Time

    Made it map 10 without too much hassle then....somehow I managed to trigger the all-ghosts bug. Do I get an award for that at all xD? DWIronman_InTime_AnimaZero.zip
  3. Anima Zero

    SlaughterMAX (smax.wad) Demos [-complevel 9]

    Welp, I'm gonna slink in here with a run of my own for map 15....a UV-Fast mind you. Clear time of 11:10. Honestly, this didn't take as long as I was expecting (43rd attempt totaling up to roughly 1 1/2 hours). All of those fails were frontloaded into the first half of the map. The second half was the first time I reached it in my recording attempts. Spot the moments where I cheat death and win a prize! Time could certainly go lower depending on how brave one is with the final rev cleanup. smax15f1110.zip
  4. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: Vigor!

    Category 2 due to playing it during a ZDaemon TNS session awhile back. Of course, that helped me so little when I added my corpse among those that fell at map 5. Door locking behind you + opening the door in front of you + seeing ANOTHER vile with limited cells & basically no rockets = Panic: The Game! DWIronman_Vigor_AnimaZero.zip
  5. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: Man On The Moon

    Category 1, 483/1654 kills. How I didn't die at that cyber en route to the red key I don't know. Oh, and recording at midnight before going to bed. That's how I make boneheaded decisions and get a ride on the fabled arch-vile express train to deathsville. DWIronman_MOTM_AnimaZero.zip
  6. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Rebirth

    Category 2, died on map 11 because I'm a smartpants that jumps down to a trio of arachnotrons and get sandwiched in a corner with a barrel and not having my plasma gun out. Capital! DWIronman_Rebirth_AnimaZero.zip
  7. Died on map 2 at 286/293 kills, cat 1. Given what Andromeda said above and with a similar kill count, I get the feeling my death was a similar massive choke, heh. DWIronman_dmdjm_AnimaZero.zip
  8. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: Syringe

    Made it towards the end of map 3 before I pulled a classic GJ ANIMA move in attempt to get away from an arch-vile and its revenant cohorts. Capital! DWIronman_Syringe_AnimaZero.zip
  9. Got pretty far in this run (though had a very close call at one point because crushers after grabbing a key + baron that appears in front of you = Panic!). Then...I hit E1M6. When I realized there was 240+ monsters and no monsters actually in the level besides the two that get blown up by barrels at the start, I knew I was going to get my ass kicked the moment I find what causes enemies to teleport in. After grabbing the first key, my prediction came true within a minute. I'm a frakkin' psychic aren't I, heh. DWIronman_Hadron_AnimaZero.zip
  10. Anima Zero

    Haste demos [-complevel 09]

    Map 11 UV-Max in 7:31. Improvable for sure, but I'm amazed that I got this on my first recording attempt. has11-731.zip
  11. Anima Zero

    Haste demos [-complevel 09]

    Did a UV-Max for map 4 in 5:30. Kind of a sloppy run overall, but it is a first maxdemo on this level so it's well worth it. Perhaps sub 5 for someone with some time & effort can be possible here. has04-530.zip
  12. Anima Zero

    NoSp3 Demos [-complevel 21]

    Seasonal demo recording decided to come online as I was playing through the maps and hit map 15. Took roughly an hour of attempts to get a UV-Max recorded in 3:49. Not the hardest map to get a run on by any means, but that secret area can be a real nightmare depending on how the viles cooperate. nosp315-349.zip
  13. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: Realm of Shades

    Never played this wad before...and frankly I cheated death on the first map way too many times to count. Love it when you turn around a corner, eat a rev missile, then have to run to the other side of a room with hitscanners while on 5 health to get some medpacks. Map 4 even saw to nearly screw me over because lol bridge shenanigans and somehow failing to find health for a good 5-10 minutes while on 8 health. Recovered from that only to hit the galaxy brain button when dealing with a couple viles near a YK door later in the map. Capital! DWIronman_ROS_AnimaZero.zip
  14. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Eye

    512/540 kills. Was in what I'd presume was the final room nearing the top when the map decided to pull a Dark Souls-esque random ass vile warping in behind me who attacked immediately and without enough time for me to switch back to my BFG, securing my ticket on a luxurious ride aboard Arch-Vile Airlines. Capital! Rather fun map in all honesty. DWIronman_Eye_AnimaZero.zip
  15. Anima Zero

    The Resurgence of: DWIronman League.

    Made it to map 10 before I played myself with my trusty rocket launcher during a monster ambush. Capital! DWIronman_Resurgence_AnimaZero.zip