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  1. You and me both sir, heh. Still kicking myself for not doing as well as I could have this month due to my epic failure. May try a "for fun" attempt to see how far I get today for kicks and giggles.
  2. Kaboomed twice on map 3, then finally on map 4. First map 3 death was me questioning where the last two thirds of the monsters were, then that question getting answered at what I presumed was the final fight when releasing one too many enemy hordes at once lead to my demise. Second map 3 death? Dumb RL trap death. I might have filed this death into the "Failures so bad that I get smacked upside the head by X" folder. As for the "Failures so bad that I get bitchslapped by X' folder? Don't worry because my 3rd and final death on map 4 is the perfect candidate for that. Remember when I missed a green armor in last week's ironman? Well, let's up that to TWO megaspheres. The first I just plain forgot about after the YK trap. The second one...well, I was well aware of it, but I wanted to save it because I'm a genius and think I can take on 4 PEs and 4 Mancubi released after hitting the YK switch before snagging it (Yes, I still didn't get that megasphere I skipped over before the YK trap at this point). Evidently not, considering I had a huge attraction to ramming my body into mancubus fireballs like they were hotcakes. Category 2 run if only because after all three deaths, I checked out the map starts of the levels ahead of me and recognized the start of map 6. Likely played it some time ago during a survival session
  3. Haha, that's a good one too. Forgot about that one actually.
  4. Starting at 15:10 in that video...yeah I'm gonna somehow survive with 3 health, nearly get ganked by a baron coming up on my side, run past two cybers, one of which started firing at me (and somehow didn't tag me with splash damage), then run into a group of imps & cacos before barreling into a room with health in it. Major X shenanigans moment there lemme tell you, haha.
  5. Hoo boy, this is gonna be a thing. Place your bets now on how many fails we get between all the rotations we do!
  6. Well, just got off work and I'm half tired. Perfect time to record my ironman run and go as fast as I possibly can! Fast being the operative word in some levels though. Somehow, through multiple oh crap moments, I clear episodes 1 & 2 (no secret exits sadly). My half tired run comes to a screeching halt in e3m4 when I basically derp, somehow miss the green armor, and die in like 5 seconds afterwards. Starting the map with under 20 health didn't help my reckless ways either. Category 2 run here. Played this in the past via a ZDaemon TNS session, albeit with only some memory of select maps.
  7. Dang. Gonna miss the first rotation at a bare minimum most likely due to Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow on my end D:.
  8. Ammo wise, I don't think doing BK building first would be a huge difference on your rocket/cell count. As long as you have 75-80 rockets after collecting all the rocket boxes in the YK building after that, you should be in good shape for the rest of the map.
  9. And Oscillation map 7 UV-Max improved to a 12:06. Still some hiccups in the BK building and final battle arena, but hey, still 19 seconds faster. Nothing wrong with that. Oh, and I had three moments where there was very nearly a case of being dealt the X Gonna Give it to Ya card. Not surprisingly, said moments were triggered by viles. Also, if anyone wants to tell me how close I was to one BK arena vile roasting my ass when either I reached safety in time or my rocket managing to interrupt it, feel free to tell me because I still can't believe I survived that one.
  10. Well now, I haven't done a maxdemo in forever. However, Oscillation's map 7 having one of my favorite Megaman X fortress themes of all time got me in the mood to get a UV-Max done for the level. Time for the demo comes out to 12:25. Could be a good 30 seconds to a minute faster since I had a fall going for the first warp in the BK building (blaming nerves for that one though, considering the trap afterwards) while the final battle could have also been handled better. Granted, I died twice at said final battle in previous attempts so I was a bit on edge here (and almost got sent over said edge hard at one point).
  11. Ah yes, this was played back on a recent ZDaemon TNS session so I had a small bit of knowledge of how the maps played out. Emphasis on small. I was still blind for many spots of the levels. Even then, I made it pretty far...until I hit map 6. Find myself on a battle over metal bridges with some annoying viles & HKs. Suffice it to say the vile shenanigans managed to get me killed once again this month. A damn shame because I wanted to at least reach map 7 and get my ass kicked to the tune of Sigma's Fortress 2 theme from Megaman X1. For those of you in to close calls, watch the final battle of map 5. Amazed I managed to get out of that one. Overall though, this mapset is very good. One I'd recommend everyone do a full playthrough of at some point.
  12. Endgame - Survived in 1:04:15 Endpoint - Died on map 3 Endgame I remember playing on some survival sesh some time ago so I had a vague idea of how all the maps played out. Still didn't help me in one map where I spent several minutes around the 5-30 health zone. At the very least, I survived on one of the mapsets this month. Endpoint was going fine at first. Then, I think I'm clever by luring one of the viles past the rk door out and sneaking by the other one in map 3. Turns out they planned for that with a third vile and a couple rev buddies. Didn't have enough rockets to blast them aside easily and, with my infinite smartpants decision, think I can manage with my SSG there rather than try to go back up the elevator and clear things out there first. Ayup, the one time I really go aggressive and it bites me in the rear.
  13. Died on map 4 when a combination of getting lost and getting shot up by enemies left me very low on hp. Cue a random blue marine shotgunner thingy where I bungled a killshot and payed the price for it.
  14. Apparently I had the good fortune to cheat death about three or four times during this run. That all came to a screeching halt when map 11 came around when my latest episode of cheating death had me surviving with 7 health. Found a medpack, but that didn't help when a couple of shots got taken from a pair of chaingunners. Enter a room with like 20 health, see what's there, I say nope. Ok, should be able to turn around and.... *Turns around, spectre* *chomp* *dead marine*