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  1. Died on map 4 when a combination of getting lost and getting shot up by enemies left me very low on hp. Cue a random blue marine shotgunner thingy where I bungled a killshot and payed the price for it.
  2. Apparently I had the good fortune to cheat death about three or four times during this run. That all came to a screeching halt when map 11 came around when my latest episode of cheating death had me surviving with 7 health. Found a medpack, but that didn't help when a couple of shots got taken from a pair of chaingunners. Enter a room with like 20 health, see what's there, I say nope. Ok, should be able to turn around and.... *Turns around, spectre* *chomp* *dead marine*
  3. Also worth noting that both mentioned maps that haven't been vanquished are Darkwave maps, heh.
  4. Three people dying to crusher shenanigans in map 3....Alfonzo, you might have to think up a name for those crushers at this rate, heh.
  5. I just love wads where you have to blast through narrow corridors chock full of monsters you have to kill (not!). I also love how map 5 gives you a secret where you kill two enemies, lower a wall, kill two more enemies, lower another wall. Keep doing this like five times until you get to an invis sphere that release like two dozen imps. That's good and all, but me being on 18 health when those imps got revealed and making it harder to dodge those fireballs as a result of being invisible didn't exactly end well for me. Not exactly a fan of this wad honestly, especially the secret hunt in map 4 that almost made me ragequit.
  6. *Sees map name, realizes it's a Death-Destiny map* Oh. Crap. Got into the triple digit enemy kills at least and got past the trap that I suspect is going to get a bunch of people killed early. Shortly after that trap, an imp & vile didn't like my hiding spot while I was trying to snipe down a bunch of viles & chaingunners with my plasma gun (and wondering where the hell some damned armor was) and I took a ride on the death express courtesy of the archvile conductor in blue corner #5.
  7. If one gold obit in a session wasn't enough, here's another!
  8. Heh. I actually tried to go fast on vv2. Clearly that worked well for me ;D.
  9. vv1 - Died at map 6 to Malcolm & Dumont's distant cyber cousin Ralph. No health in the area + me being at 6 health = Splash damage funsies! vv2 - Died at map 4 after entering the PG room and basically eating everything, then deciding to casually strafe into an imp fireball like a dingbat.
  10. All clear w/ secret map cleared as well in 1:21:29. Those turrets are damned annoying I must say. Otherwise, not all that bad (though I would have liked to have saved some rockets for the final battle so I didn't have to resort to SG only to kill three of the barons).
  11. Map 3 UV-fast in 3:19. The ending almost killed me here, heh.
  12. (Recorded on version 1.1 of the wad) Almost died at TOTAL EXPOSURE. Then map 10 rolls along and my death at the BK trap gets filed in the "Failures so bad that X would have to bitchslap me" folder. Capital!
  13. Someone's PROBABLY gonna screenshot this TNS first for me. Lord knows I'm going to pull that off again, heh.
  14. Made it to map 3, found a RSK, got a suicidal vile that blew me up. Hooray!
  15. Well, I can't believe I'm saying this, but... - SURVIVED! Clear time - ~2:10:21 Having not played this level in forever, I took it slow in some spots. Even then, had a few close calls and more or less winged it at the four vile trap + warp horde near the end.