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  1. Anima Zero

    Junk Food 2 Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 3 UV-Fast in 3:31. First 10-15 seconds are the hardest by far, but past that, not insanely tough. Definitely could see some potential time saving here if one manages to grab either of the keys in the center right away. jf203f-331.zip
  2. Anima Zero

    Junk Food 2 Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 86 UV-Fast in 4:26. Cleanup at the end was a bit on the sloppy side so I could see someone taking this several seconds lower at least. jf286f-426.zip
  3. Anima Zero

    Junk Food 2 Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 33 UV-Max in 3:20 and a Map 33 UV-Fast in 3:36. Pretty fun monster blaster map to chill to this evening! jf233-320.zip jf233f-336.zip
  4. Anima Zero

    NM-Lite Contest: Scythe 2

    Dead on map 23 at 42:05. Sucking big time at glides did me in when I gave it up in favor of trying to do the map the intended way and ran into the firing squad post BK bars. Really fun concept I must say! DWNMLite_Scythe2_AnimaZero.zip
  5. Survived on UV in 1:11:03 Honestly, the new plasma gun absolutely murders any enemy, but the ultra slow projectiles mean you kinda have to use it as a mid range weapon akin to the Super Shotgun. Typical 90s wad honestly, nothing too radical here. DWIroneagle_EnslaveUV_AnimaZero.zip
  6. Category 1 455/666 Kills Time of death: ~37:20 DWIronman_contain_AnimaZero.zip
  7. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: Mutiny

    Cat 1, died on map 4. Note to self, do not try to ironman late at night before bed. It'll cause blue screen memory lapses like the sniping HK that got the killshot, heh. Might come back to this with a prepared run at some point before the month's end. DWIronman_Mutiny_AnimaZero.zip
  8. Category 1 on UV, died on map 13 at roughly 29:20 with around 30 or so enemies killed (entered the map at roughly 27:42), DSDA Doom 0.25.6 This is what happens when a mapset is so easy you feel like making boneheaded reckless plays for no reason, heh. DWIroneagle_AbyssUV_AnimaZero.zip
  9. Cat 1, made it to e1m5 (and went through the secret map) before I made a key bumble and got munched by some spectres. PROBABLY shouldn't have opened with the RL when there were warping enemies I dealt with not 10 seconds prior, heh. Fun mapset though! DWIronman_ShotgunSymphony_AnimaZero.zip
  10. Eh why not, I'll take a first stab into the IronEagle competition. Cat 1, made it to map 3 on UV before low lighting in a room and two annoying hell knights did me in. Quite interesting mapset that'll I have to casually play at some point. DWIroneagle_adonis_AnimaZero.zip
  11. Prepared run here this morning where I survived all levels, secret ones included, in 23:32. Came rather close to failing at a couple points near the end. Pretty interesting mapset overall! DWIronman_dm2purgePrepared_AnimaZero.zip
  12. Made it to the start of map 3 before I fat panic fingered opening a door and got plasma'd in the back. For a '95 wad, there's some fun constant monster slaying action here so I'll probably do a prepared run at some point this month. DWIronman_dm2purge_AnimaZero.zip
  13. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman league dies to: Malevolence

    After finishing the mapset earlier today, I decided to try a prepared run and see how far I could make it. Made it to map 7 before I pulled a GJ ANIMA move of epic proportions. There is NO excuse for how I failed this except for the fact I've been getting over a cold these past couple of days, heh. Still a really fun mapset though! DWIronman_MalevolencePrepared_AnimaZero.zip
  14. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman league dies to: Malevolence

    Made it to map 3, nearly died at the start, then slowly managed to crawl my way back to a healthy level before I hit a switch and effectively got my face blown off this mortal coil. Really fun mapset from what I played so far so I might go through it casually this week! DWIronman_Malevolence_AnimaZero.zip
  15. Anima Zero

    Hardfest demos [-complevel 9]

    Welp, that's on me cause I was apparently using a RC edition for that and not the latest one like a special snowflake, heh.