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  1. Add another person to the e4m4 death list from yours truly! DWIronman_UDTWiD-RC2_AnimaZero.zip
  2. What happens when you get yours truly running into traps he's never seen before? How I died on both wads! At least I was consistent on which map I died in (map 2 for both). DWIronman_tnt-ren_tntresist_AnimaZero.zip
  3. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: Doom 64 for Doom 2

    Finally got some time to do my run today and made it to map 31. Besides almost getting slow crushered to death and nearly dying to the arachnotron trap, I joined Bashe in the "Marines who died to the BSK Hell Knight trap" crowd. At least I didn't die a stupid death, heh. DWIronman_D64D2_AnimaZero.zip
  4. Cleared map 20 in a bit over 17 minutes (with some near deaths cause trees). Almost died in, amazingly enough, an even dumber way than I did last month at the start of map 21, but survived and managed to get past the yellow key area which I thought I was going to die at. Cyb + invis sphere usually spells doom for me. Of course, I hit 240/300 enemies killed in map 21 when a vile decided to say to hell with warping when it should have and just roasted me. Thanks! On the plus side, getting to play through these two great maps again was fun. DWIronman_cchest4_AnimaZero.zip
  5. Ok Alfonzo, you know what to do for this month's Ironman ;D.
  6. So many people dying at that bridge, heh. Can't wait to see what kind of obituaries crop up from Alfonzo for that one.
  7. Made it to map 4, then got a bitchslap from X for how stupid my death was. That is all. DWIronman_Plutonia_AnimaZero.zip
  8. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Darkening E1 & E2

    Survived Darkening 1 in 1:06:34 which is good. Darkening 2? Got to map 9, then a jump into what appeared to be an empty slime container of sorts turned out to be occupied. He did not like his private drinking zone invaded and promptly kicked me out of it all corpse like. DWIronman_DarkeningDemos_AnimaZero.zip
  9. Wish I could have joined tonight, but for once, I was actually busy the entire day D:.
  10. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    Decided to go for a one life only attempt. No 1cc shenanigans for me, heh. Also I died on map 5 in another quality moment that X is going to bitchslap me for...if the revenants that bitchslapped me to death didn't do enough already, heh. DWIronman_Rush_AnimaZero.zip
  11. Oh boy indeed. I'm waiting for the massacre to happen on pain, heh.
  12. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: Double Impact

    And yet another idiot death happens when I stumble into e1m9 and was expecting the vanilla song that usually plays here. Thinking I had somehow managed to go to e1m4 instead, I was a little on tilt and basically went to my death in the yk arena. Possibly a fail to put into my "Reasons X would bitchslap me" folder methinks! DWIronman_dbimpact_AnimaZero.zip
  13. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: 50 Monsters

    Ok, let's see how I did (category 2 run, played this during a TNS session back in the day). Going to be interesting since I have a new computer to play around with and all that. First, I did map33 & 35. Map35 I died after hitting a switch and had a bunch of Cacodemon v2s rain down on me with no real way to repel them easily. Reason? Evidently I missed getting an invul sphere at the megaarmor when I was messing around without recording afterwards. THANKS GAME! Decided to package up the fail if you want some laughs. At the very least....I survived map33. Somehow. Didn't die running for the SSG, got the ensuing cyber to do clean up work on the majority of everything I ran past, then I proceeded to nearly die myself finishing the cyber off. 7 health left with the cyber still breathing and the arena I have to work with is rather nail biting ya know. After that, not too hard to exit (and find out PRBoom Plus crashes with some "lol idclv32 or whatever" message, woot!). Of course, what's really worth the marbles are the main levels. Plodding along slowly here, doing fine....and then map 8 rolls around. Make it to the BSK...and somehow don't die here with the minute of chaos that ensues coming up to it. So, I'm in the clear, about to make the run up to snag the BSK and bolt out of there. Feel free to play your choice of the Sonic drowning theme when that happens because it'll suit the build up to my death perfectly, but with fire instead of water. DWIronman_50monstr_AnimaZero.zip
  14. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Warlock's Hearth

    Well, I haven't done this for awhile, but I survived with a clear time of 1:11:50. Category 1 run as I've never played the map prior to this. Quite a fun level to blast through overall. Lots of monsters, plenty of ammo, and me bumbling around like an idiot at times. I do like how I basically squandered the majority of the megasphere that's behind some rsk bars in less than 30 seconds (and nearly got pegged by a cybie rocket not too long after, that jerk) Just happy to have survived an ironman run for once and not die in some incredibly GJ ANIMA worthy fashion. DWIronman_WarlH_AnimaZero.zip
  15. Anima Zero

    The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    Started out with a bang by nearly dying, then got it together and soldiered on...until map 9's ending. Nearly bit it in the BFG room, but survived until the last group of enemies. Evidently one of the viles took the whole deal back in my Oscillation map 7 UV-Maxes of stealing ideas from X's book of how to survive improbable odds a bit farther this time. SOMEONE's not going to be happy about that and just may add demon killing to his usual maverick dismantling in the future. Capital! Category 2 run since this was a TNS session back in the day and the maps were rather familiar to me. DWIronman_CoffeeBreak_AnimaZero.zip