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  1. Vomit

    Resurrection of Evil details

    I would imagine the monster would be able to change the display on its moniter....id has enough sense to do that, right?
  2. Vomit

    Has any coop-mod yet come to maturity?

    take out the scripting and cut scenes?
  3. Vomit

    Has any coop-mod yet come to maturity?

    I always loved playing Doom in coop mode
  4. In the main menu i get 70 frames a second :-P but during gameplay i get 15
  5. Vomit

    Need FPS boost

    what about the new GeForce 6600?
  6. Vomit


    256 mb ram isnt even the minimal requirments. But AOL would probably have more to do with ping
  7. Vomit

    What's your favorite level, besides Hell?

    So far i've only made it the the communications tower level part thingy ma-bob but the part i like is.....well...im waiting for some new monsters :-P
  8. Vomit

    Need FPS boost

    well, my dad has offered to get me a new computer for christmas if i cut my hair, my so i may just do that. :-P
  9. Vomit

    Need FPS boost

    Its an AMD 1700. I also own an E-machine. Is it possible to upgrade it anymore?
  10. Vomit

    Need FPS boost

    I am getting about 20 fps max in Doom 3. How can I up my frame rate??? i have about a 1.4 ghz processor, 348 mb ram, and a gforce MX 4 128 mb video card. ive tried extracting to pk4 files but my computer doesnt have enough disk space :-\
  11. Vomit

    Looking for videos of people playing

    I couldnt get the link to work for the video
  12. i think im going to change this topic to "Most FPS you've gotten on highest quality mode"
  13. just curious :p what does capped mean?
  14. Whats the most frames per second you have had playing doom3 on its highest settings. list your computer specs too!
  15. Vomit


    I vote for this. Everything greyscale except for the blood. :-D