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  1. I was actually listening to it on my XMPlay app and it happens there too.
  2. The low demonic moan sample used in Fistula's track does not loop as it does in the actual PSX. Kinda kills the atmosphere a bit.
  3. Impboy4

    Community Chest 64

    The December 10 deadline is fine as is. StevenC21's goal isn't about making a full set.
  4. Impboy4

    Community Chest 64

    The Mother Demon is basically the IoS of Doom 64. No matter what you change visually, it will always play the same.
  5. You cheated on number 9; that's just a copy of Map11 from Doom 2. :O
  6. Impboy4

    Beta 64 - A 31 level megawad for Doom64 EX!

    Well so far the first episode on Watch Me Die, every map I get one monster missing. What is your control sector light gradient settings? Post a screenshot please.
  7. Impboy4

    Beta 64 - A 31 level megawad for Doom64 EX!

    I'd like to report a few bugs as well, I can't seem to get 100% kills on some of the maps even though I've killed everything. There's also the gradient light problem in the first room of MAP02 when you turn on the lights. The walls turn black after a short time has passed.
  8. Impboy4

    Community Chest 64

    Really it depends on what sky you use. The color of the sky determines the color of the outdoor areas. (ex. the dark purple mountains with a stormy sky should have the same dark purple hue lighting for all outdoor areas)
  9. It's the same samples as the original, it's just how the port was made to fix the MIDI playback issues.
  10. No, it was because the original 64 couldn't play certain notes at certain times due to the hardware. In EX that was fixed so it sounds how it should be. If you want another example listen to Breakdown's music.
  11. Impboy4

    Community Chest 64

    Custom music won't work in EX. I explained this in another thread: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1923660 And non-midi music wouldn't work because the port doesn't support OGG/MP3/MOD/etc.
  12. Impboy4

    Custom textures in Doom Builder 64

    You guys never bother Googling do you? http://doom64ex.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Adding_Animated_Textures
  13. Impboy4

    So where is TNT supposed to take place

    It's Io, the closest Galilean moon to Jupiter. Where do you think all that lava in most maps came from?
  14. Impboy4

    Community Chest 64

    You have to rip it from a Doom 64 ROM using wadgen. You're on your own when it comes to finding a ROM.
  15. Impboy4

    Community Chest 64

    This should have been posted in Wads & Mods since it is a Doom wad project.