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  1. Impboy4

    Bigger Boomstick Nearby

    That was deliberate. If you played Marathon (which you probably haven't), after you drop down from the first area, you have to be wise with your health. The lack of armor is mainly due to the fact the original level only had a x1 health recharge station. If I make more Marathon conversions, levels which have x1 recharge stations will have health items only, x2 recharge stations will have health items and green armor, x3 recharge stations health items and blue armor. If a level I'm converting has one of each type of recharging station then they'll all be available.
  2. Impboy4

    Bigger Boomstick Nearby

    Technically, it's not really my map but Bungie's. I just wanted to convert it to doom and see how the layout/gameplay would pan out compared to Marathon.
  3. Impboy4

    Bigger Boomstick Nearby

    Sorry, but that's not going to happen. I have grown attached to simplicity that it's to the point I prefer this kind of mapping than overly detailed people do today. Thanks for saying the gameplay is enjoyable though!
  4. Impboy4

    Bigger Boomstick Nearby

    You played the really old version on Discord which had less difficulty than the current one now.
  5. Impboy4

    psy doom setup

    He's talking about the PsyDoom source port dude. @Dyshoria software in order to use it, you must first get the rom of the game (can't give you links due to piracy rules) then copy the files into your PsyDoom folder and click the executable and it should run.
  6. Impboy4

    Bigger Boomstick Nearby

    One map for Doom 2, UDMF format. Jumping is allowed to access secrets. The only picture you're going to get is this one, which should give you a clue: Update: Wad is now 1.1. I fixed a broken secret, changed one area to a static portal to emulate Marathon's 5D space, and provided low gravity since the game it came from also had low gravity. BiggerBoomstickNearbyv1.1.zip
  7. Please don't, I'd rather the mapper have legit poor memory to make a legit poor representation of the map rather than it being forced.
  8. Wrong username - I am the creator One word, the b is lowercase, and the 4 at the end. Also, the chainsaw was put on the map for a reason - to save ammo.
  9. Impboy4

    PSX DOOM CE Playstation DOOM Reloaded EDITION

    Work on the other half when UAC Fail is finished so we can get the complete PSX Doom Reloaded experience.
  10. Impboy4

    Doom 2 The Factory remake

    Looks like Dead Marine mucked up the custom fire graphics or something cuz those waterfalls are not supposed to be there.
  11. Yeah, @Marty2Doom if you really want freelook in PSX Doom, there's always PSX Doom CE or GEC GZDoom (DZDoom) versions.
  12. Yes that page, the first asset - DoomBuilderPsx.V1.zip
  13. Erick gave you the link to the correct page. You're downloading it wrong.
  14. Look, I'll prove it exists cuz I have it too: Obviously you're doing something wrong or your antivirus is acting up.