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  1. Any particular reason? I hope it's not anything too bad. :(
  2. Then again, it happens in the official PSX Doom campaign when you take the secret exit in Twilight Descends to The Marshes (both use the track "Corrupted")
  3. I think at the very least, we should compile all the maps already completed and release it as is. Community projects shouldn't always shoot for all 32 maps.
  4. This 100%. The Fusion Mapping Project did exactly how you described here; taking two maps together into one while keeping the majority of the elements original so the homages/references are not as apparent.
  5. This idea has been done before just to let everyone know: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/fusion
  6. I know, but you can't blame me for having a gut belief that it originally was meant for the Rocket Launcher before the beta build. Remember stuff like this gets changed around a lot during development, so Tim's claim that it was an "early rocket design" isn't that farfetched and might have been true at one point. But at least we all know it definitely wasn't a flamethrower as OP stated (though that would have been kind of cool in Doom 64).
  7. Meh, in the end it was a cut design which made everyone question what it was supposed to be. I still believe it could have been an early Rocket Launcher since the shape looks more like it could launch rockets rather than lasers.
  8. It wasn't a flamethrower, it was an early design for the rocket launcher which proved to be too detailed so Midway redesigned it to be closer to the PC variant while still looking fresh. Besides, YukiHerz already recreated the sprite which looks even better:
  9. Impboy4

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Claustrophobia 1024

    That was exactly the reason, considering this was made before Doom Builder 2 was out and I had to struggle with the confines of DB1's sector drawing which limited my abilities greatly. Honestly, I tend to forget my mapping pre-DB2 now. It was for visuals and some gameplay adjustments. DB1 was the only thing available at the time so I wasn't up to par on the detail level than I am now with DB2/DBX/GZDB/UDB.
  10. Actually, OGG is no different than MP3 so difference in file sizes would be negligible. You could try and go for a tracker format for your music (which is similar to MIDI) or go like what the majority of the community uses and go straight to MIDI music.
  11. I know the cause of that bug. It's because those pillars in between the door are sectors instead of void spaces. In fact, there are a lot of unnecessary sectors around the map (that aren't tied to any actions) that can easily be void spaces instead.
  12. Sorry but there is no Vanilla Doom equivalent of PSX Doom. However, someone might make a mod for it using the ACE Engine.
  13. To everyone in the UK, please sign this petition so your Online Safety Bill does not get passed. Many sites (Wikipedia for example) will get blocked if they don't comply with the age requirement to view them. You do not deserve to be the next China. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/634725
  14. Impboy4

    Give me three textures to make maps with!

    Floor/Ceiling flats are considered textures so that's definitely a 3 texture map.
  15. Did you set the dimensions of the image to 320x200?