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  1. @Greenknight9000 @StodgyAyatollah Please read this: https://github.com/BodbDearg/PsyDoom/blob/master/docs/PsyDoom Modding Overview.md#Extension-IWADS
  2. Impboy4

    Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    Oh good, I'll swap with you then. :)
  3. Impboy4

    Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    Why not have it in the Map33 slot then? I can live with that. Map33 is growing in popularity as a slot nowadays for Vanilla/Limit Removing wads.
  4. Impboy4

    Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    @Dusty_Rhodes save that last slot for me. I have a map I'm working on to fill that spot.
  5. Alright, I'm gonna pull something that hopefully doesn't end up getting me booted off of Doomworld. I need to debunk a statement issued by members of the GEC team.

    Recently they extracted the Quake 64 samples and music from the game for people to listen to and use.  However, they made a claim that the music reuses the same tracks as PSX Final Doom.

    My friend jdagenet and I checked one song in particular; "I'm the Soul Eater" which Gerardo claims it's the same as "Bells of Agony" from PSX Final Doom.  We loaded both songs up in FL Studio and this is the result:


    The top one is "I'm the Soul Eater" from Quake 64. The bottom is "Bells of Agony" from PSX Final Doom. No match in note patterns in either track.

    When we found out about this, we relayed it back to Gerardo to let him know.  The result was us getting booted off the GEC discord server for lying/trolling which we weren't, we just wanted to help not spread misinformation.  Now, I'm not asking to attack Gerardo or the GEC team, but I do ask for co-operation on correcting misinformation.

    1. Devalaous


      I noticed the wiki a while ago claimed tracks were the same between games, might have to go about undoing that too.

    2. Impboy4


      @Devalaous There are a few that are reused between PSX Doom and Doom 64.

      The Broken Ones(Plant) - Blood Red Shadows(Watch Your Step)
      Sanity's Edge(Toxin Refinery) - Spaces Between(Holding Area)
      Corrupted Core(Central Processing) - Bleep Spawn(Alpha Quadrant)/Relentless Coil(Research Lab)
      Lamentation(Mt. Erebus) - Lamentation of the Forgotten(Altar of Pain)

      Funnily enough Tortured Transmission(Main Engineering) reuses 2 out of the 3 channels from Mutation(Phobos Anomaly) and one of the channels in Crystaline Chaos(Eye of the Storm) reuses from Steadfast Extermination(Command Center).

      Now PSX Final Doom and Doom 64 have reused the same patterns within their respected soundtracks.

      PSX Final Doom:
      Bells of Agony(Attack) - Malignant(Catwalk) (the latter plays longer even though it's the same tempo as the former)
      Infectious(Canyon) - Unhallowed(Geryon)

      Doom 64:
      The Madness(Staging Area) - Other Side of Madness(Even Simpler) - Voices in the Blood(Dark Citadel) - Warped(Spawned Fear) (the last two are sped up versions)
      Warped Hive(The Terraformer) - Dark Echo(The Bleeding) - Aspects Of the Vile(Terror Core)
      Bleep Spawn(Alpha Quadrant) - Relentless Coil(Research Lab) (Neither of these loop well actually, the former's low drone stops after one loop and the latter doesn't loop at all)
      The Damned(Final Outpost) - Perfect Hate(Pitfalls)
      Wait For It(Dark Entries) - The Rotted Foul(Breakdown) (the latter is a slower version)

      There's bits of notes from The Madness(Staging Area) that are used in Hellistatic(Tech Center) - Collision Course(The Spiral)

    3. Gerardo194


      Hello, didn't known this was brought here but anyway, to whoever is reading this, I have talked about this with Impboy personally exposing the reason of our argument we had, nothing related to the tracks because anyone can get its own opinion and I know he is absolutely right and I wasn't being good to show him my points of view to understand each other but my perception, understanding or usage of words was what caused me to start the argument with him. I'm not good at English, I type and try express myself in English (i don't use Google translate) based on what I have learned but it's neither good or perfect I know. I hope this case is solved from now on. 

  6. Impboy4

    Recommend me a free midi maker

    FL Studio
  7. Wrong, Hodges claimed to record them himself, but they were actually from sound libraries he found them in. @jdagenet is an expert and can fill you in on that.
  8. You can always map for PsyDoom which avoids such limits. :)
  9. Impboy4

    Water Plant (My first Wad :D)

    Symmetry level design is fine if you have asymmetrical thing placement involved (look at Fear in Ultimate Doom, the main hub area of Power Control/whole of Wormhole in TNT, or some of the maps in Plutonia). It only becomes a problem if you make everything you do in the map symmetrical (like Dead Simple in Doom 2).
  10. Impboy4

    Doom 64: Ethereal Breakdown - 25th Day Map Jam

    The only difference to mapping for Doom 64 is making areas bigger because of bigger hitboxes, colored lighting, and the macro system. That last bit with macros is the same as ACS in GZDoom except you can only execute one of them at a time.
  11. Impboy4

    Doomworld Mega Project 2021 (18 maps)

    @TimeOfDeath666 maybe it's time for you to retire from hosting DMP and let someone else (who could care less about knockoff/imitation projects) take over the reins. Obsidian and scifista have the right idea which you currently do not. This current iteration of DMP is a lame joke and you know that but your ego is too large to notice.
  12. Impboy4

    [PsyDoom] Caldera Of Wretchedness

    https://github.com/Erick194/DoomBuilderPSX/releases/download/DoomBuilderPsxV2/DoomBuilderPsx.V2.zip You need this as well for the resources: http://www.mediafire.com/file/f8ffd4h95dk4364/PSX_PK3.rar/file
  13. Actually the most accurate version of PSX Doom is @intacowetrust's PsyDoom port. The GZDoom version is second best.
  14. Impboy4

    AI Generated Title Screens

    Sonic Robo Blast 2
  15. I don't care about detail! I'm tired of hearing people say "This map needs more detail", I map whatever I feel like as long as it plays good.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Impboy4


      @MidnightMage you didn't walk into the middle of anything. I need all the voices I can get.

      @The BMFG I know, but I'm getting tired of hearing this standard of how today's mapping should be "needs more detail for it to look good and be popular" especially to people who want to keep their maps visually simplistic. You don't need every map to look like the next Sunlust or Eviternity or whatever highly detailed wad is released nowadays.

    3. AD_79


      I think the best response here would have been no response. Creators have the freedom to outright ignore criticism that they don't consider applicable to their work. Of course, this doesn't mean "flat-out ignore all criticism", but moreso to take on board only the critique you agree with to some degree, ideas that would improve upon what you envision for your project. I can understand some degree of frustration, but the most important thing here is to create what you want.

    4. The BMFG