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  1. A shame really. Do you have any info about the Enigma Episode and Interdiction Zone whether those can be successfully converted?
  2. Well it can't hurt to try. If stuff is too extreme it can be cut out or reduced.
  3. Do you think it's possible to add the other two Titan maps (Mines of Titan and Trouble on Titan) as well as The Interdiction Zone, Surrounded (can be a secret level), and The Enigma Episode from Jim Flynn? I could try to take a stab at a couple of these - no promises though. EDIT: Before I do, I'd like to see if I can fill in for Dragonsbrethren's unfinished map slots since he went AWOL earlier this year.
  4. Plus the original has two music tracks not present in Final Doom.
  5. I'm all in for new tracks, don't get me wrong. I'm just saying that with the tracks we currently have - try not to have the same track repeat so close like in the examples I've given (Especially the first example where Administration Center is sandwiched between two levels that use "A Calm Panic Rises")
  6. Another thing I'm noticing in the OP, some of the same tracks seem to occur too often between levels: I respect all the mapper's tastes in what track they should use, but they in return should respect a little more variety so the same track occur not as often between maps like in the original PSX Doom: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/PlayStation_Doom_music
  7. Going down the list on the OP, I noticed there a lot tracks that are rarely used: Retribution Dawns - 2x Sanity's Edge - 1x Hell's Churn - 2x Digitized Pain - 3x Mind Massacre - 3x Breath of Horror - 2x A Calm Panic Rises - 3x The Slow Demonic Pulse - 1x Steadfast Extermination - 1x In the Grip of Madness - 1x Lamentation - 2x Twisted Beyond Reason - 2x Hopeless Despair - 0x Bells of Agony - 1x Vexation - 0x Infectious - 0x Larva Circuits - 1x The Fowlness Consumes - 0x Unhallowed - 3x Demon Drone - 2x Tendrils of Hate - 3x On the other end, these tracks have been used a lot: The Broken Ones - 5x Corrupted Core - 5x Lurkers - 6x Beyond Fear - 7x
  8. Steadfast Extermination also doesn't exist in Final Doom's list as well; people should use both of these tracks.
  9. Impboy4

    Playstation DOOM Reloaded - Gameplay + Screenshots

    No, it contains DECORATE content that could mess with mods if you try to apply them.
  10. Is this made for the actual PSX Doom or the GEC GZDoom version?
  11. I don't think Aubrey Hodges even has the original midi data and samples anymore for those tracks. But it wouldn't hurt to ask anyway.
  12. Who knew Bill Paxton had a thing for video games
  13. Impboy4

    Request Megawad suggestions.

    I think you mean Congestion 64.
  14. Impboy4

    How to play custom WADs?

    Drag and drop over the source port executable, it's that simple.